Response To Comments Upon The Freedom Exercise (1)

Dear Friends,

I have studied most of the major religions and philosophies (and did their suggested exercises) so my thoughts are dependent upon what I studied and expanded (See my post of the Library at Babel).

I was not thinking about the 4 Noble Truths when I developed the article as I find similar recommendations in many different places.  Returning to the early Buddha and Jesus, I say the exercise is a fusion of both teachings, including my own reflections.

This technique is quite efficient in our experience and is a useful with or without vipassana.  I think that vipassana can place you into the Kingdom of God Within, but does not allow you to recall such.  Plus, this is an active technique with a clear goal and so is more resonant with the human mind and its therapeutic transformation.

Personally, I am a mixture of Gurdjieff, Christianity, Taoism, Theravada, and Neo-Platonism.  Though, as to good Works I prefer Gurdjieff and Jesus as I am a pragmatic.


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