The Path To The Kingdom Of God Within (guaranteed)

Hello, dear seekers,

I decided to post one of the most important spiritual exercises created at the Institute!   An exercise, if done religiously, will introduce you to the silent Kingdom of God Within, Nibbana, Lahut, Sacred Marriage, and so on.

Moreover, this exercise proves beyond any doubt that within your inner heart-mind resides a ‘fragment or seed’ of the Most Holy Family.  I have always called this Divine Gift, the soul-seed, for it will not germinate and grow towards the Light until your ego comes to see that this silent seed came with you at corporeal birth.

If you discover and engage this silent hope, you  can become a stream-enterer, and be given the choice of becoming a true Saint, a Worker for the Divine, a Bodhisattva.  If you do not connect with the Gift given at your birth, you will not reincarnate, but will choose the heaven or hell demanded by your Core Love in life.

The only favor, I ask is that you share this exercise with all your friends and family.  It was created for all of us, God Bless.

All is explained in the attached article.

Freedom Exercise (Basic)

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