Hello, friends.  Been busy with many projects.  Just finished a new book called The World Tree Upanishad.  It is superb, if I say so myself.

A poem from the ‘Way of the Gallant Heart’ School.  I might consider showing  those qualified how to attain to real enlightenment–but we need some large benefactors.


Oh, lucky god, am I. I have your love, sweet wife. My bubbling spring of liquid gemstone, without flaw nor taint, purest wonderment, reflecting Mother Mary’s Holy Light.

You are my angel placed upon this earth. A tender hearth to warm your family’s hearts, withholding not God’s love and light to those in need. Oh, sweet wife, I adore thee more than even I, myself.

Come to me, sweet love, clothed in naught, but nakedness natural. Nipples firm from innate desire for union, seeking your husband’s ripe lips and fondling hands. Descend onto my hardness, goddess of desire, so I may enter into you, both sharing our completeness in this Moment Holy.

Minutes pasting slowly, sweet and dreamy delight, prolonging and layering your pleasures sublime, my tapestry creation for the Divine. At last, outside time and space, immersed solely within The Infinite Bliss of conscious life, crying out to God, you beg, “fill me full, my husband eternal, fill me with the burning nectar of your love, give me child to nurse and love. Oh, divine husband of mine, come my love, come with me in Synodia Divine. Fill my hollow with seed overflowing, come dear Son of God with your chosen Daughter of Earth, fill me with your love, so we can join Morpheus together, bathed in Lady Moon’s magic night.

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