Anna Marie began to tickle me one morning saying, “Get up sleepy-head. It is time for breakfast and then we are off to help Sister Agnes Louise in her garden chores.”

So I arose and dressed quickly in khaki shorts and a tee shirt. Sister and I went to breakfast and then helped wash the dishes before leaving. I enjoyed playing in the soapy water, as it reminded me of our bath time.

We caught the 10 am bus to old San Juan. Whenever, we arrived at the convent, Sister Anna Marie and I would try to sneak up on Sister Agnes Louise as quietly as we could. But, she always caught us and the three of us would have a good laugh.

The Second Lesson

As long as the sun was shining, our lessons would be given in the convent’s rose garden. This morning, she began, “Christianity was adopted and practiced independently in different areas of the Levant and so was not a unified spiritual practice. Consequently, the different, emerging sects practiced Christianity under different rules.

It was rare for Sister Agnes Louise to quote directly from Gabriel’s Codex. She said, “The first part contains a first hand account of Our Lord’s life during the three years he was actively teaching. The second part records the Higher Teachings that Christ revealed to Gabriel and Miriam. The final part concerns the insights of Gabriel himself.

“What happened to Gabriel after he gave the first guardian his Codex is unknown. Where he is, none seem to know. What is known is that new pages have appeared in the Codex over the centuries.

“There is one possible explanation contained in the first part of the Codex. If one looks, one finds a conversation between Jesus and Gabriel in which Jesus asks Gabriel to remain on earth until the Return of Ariel and Himself . Gabriel wrote, ‘I shall gladly live on earth until such a time. But, I shall miss you terribly. But, if Ariel, the Holy Spirit, consoles me, I shall do as you request.’

“So it appears Gabriel lives still and appears to record more of his contemplations in his Codex.

Sister Agnes Louise continued, “Children, today, I shall speak about an early book containing Christ’s Teachings. This Gospel is known as the Gospel According to the Hebrews. It is very enlightening.

“One group of Christ’s followers situated near Nazareth continued to abide by many of the rules for proper living prescribed to by the Pharisees while accepting Christ as the Messiah, the Anointed One. They recorded much of the Oral Teachings of Jesus. Some scholars believe that this Gospel is an earlier version of Matthew. Portions of early Matthew are known as The Gospel According to the Hebrews.

“Most interestingly, this group of early Christians relate that Jesus considered that the Holy Spirit was feminine in nature. You will see that this is accurate as shown by the Jesus Codex of Gabriel.

“Unfortunately, many of the other sects of Christianity misrepresented Jesus’ teachings as to the equality and importance of females. Gabriel writes that often Jesus would refer to the two genders, as ‘a two-pan scale which needs be always in perfect balance if Creation is too accomplish a viable end state.’

“Rather, than accept the Master’s teachings of egalitarianism of the sexes, they continued there traditional, male-dominated social structures placing females below males. In truth, such domination and disrespect of the female gender is contrary to the very nature of the Divine and the physical world.

“For instance, the Christian Churches teach, secondary to a vote taken by male bishops in the 4th century, that God is of one essence, but is experienced as three male personalities–the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Subsequently, the male existed before the female. Judaeo-Christian dogma states that females were created from a rib of Adam. All of this being contrary to the gender present in the natural world.”

I interrupted, “But, Sister, I respect both of you and listen to your wisdom. And I love Sister Anna Marie more than anyone in the whole universe. In fact, I want to marry her when I am all grown up.”

Both Sisters had to suppress smiling. Sister Anna Marie said, “Sweetheart, but I will be too old for you when you become a man. Plus, nuns are married to the Holy Father.”

I replied, “Don’t worry, Sister Anna Marie. I will ask Holy Father to make you young again. Anyway, you cannot be married to your father. I think it is a rule? I am sure that God has a Holy Wife and so He cannot be married to nuns.”

Sister Anna Marie replied, “OK, my little warrior angel. When you are all grown up, we will ask Holy Mother and Holy Father to be married in Heaven and be together forever. Would you like that?”

“Yes, I would like that very much. I won’t allow anyone to be mean to you, Anna Marie. Will we be angels then? Will you make babies like my mother,” I asked?

Sister Agnes Louise turning to a glowing Anna Marie, “Your charge seems to understand the relationship you two share, very well. And, just think, he already sees that the male Trinity must not be accurate. He has intuited the concept of Gender. I think his vessel will be able to remember many things from the past.”

Sister Anna Marie nodded her assent.


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