Adages From the Rose-Croix Files: Be a Walking Question Mark Always! Part III

Adages From the Rose-Croix Files: Be a Walking Question Mark Always! Part III


Greetings, Fr and Sr.

Every morning, I read for several hours at a coffee shop. Today, I am reading a wonderful book by a German philosopher, Hans Vaihinger, titled in English “The Philosophy of ‘As If’ (1924). I would recommend this to all serious students as a preventative for unfounded and dogmatic belief systems. As I read, I write down objections, agreements, and whatever thought comes to mind.

This morning, it dawned on me that our multifaceted R+C adage is meant to be taken literally, as well as metaphorically. Each student will benefit greatly by realizing that he or she, himself or herself, is truly a ‘a walking question mark.’ For our very existence, as potentially conscious creatures, its purpose, its significance, and its meaning truly are a mystery–a living puzzle for each to piece together. Each piece presenting another question for which we must find a suitable answer so to move ahead spiritually.

The questions never stop and our work is never finished for one question leads to another ad infinitum. Each question and answer helps us travel further upward on Jacob’s Ladder.

Our lives are not only a deep question for ourselves, but for our fellow students and friends. In truth, we can claim that we are a walking question mark literally.

Now, if the ancient teaching ‘that man is a microcosm of the universe’ is accurate, then our universe, physically and aphysically, is surely a greater, more complex question. A question which can only be answered by the conjoint efforts of conscious beings answering and sharing their individual questions.

So dear friends, in the spirit of Prof Vaihinger, ‘live your life as if you are truly a walking question mark serving the goals of the vast Totality.’

Ciao, Michael

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