[0.1] O! Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve,
still, you do not remember us? We, who have been friend
and companion, teacher and guide, feeder of pablum
and meat. It is We, who brought fire and warmth,
who gave to you the Hearth and the light in the night.
Gave you the seed of self-awareness,
so to raise you from the animal to the proto-human.

[0.2] Your Testament of Adam speaks of the Ancient Race,
my brothers and sisters,
those Mighty Ones of the days before Noah,
your heros of old and men of renown,
protectors, prophets and warners against the Deceiver.
A time so far in your past, that its heros and villains,
its wars and troubles, are remembered as if only dreams.

[0.3] O! Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve,
are you still deaf and blind, serpents without ears
and a cave fish without eyes? O! Woe on Thee.

[0.4] Cannot you not see that all of your existence is but dreams,
those heros and villains, those wars and troubles
your legends and stories are much more than fiction and dreams,
they are when angel and jinn conversed and broke bread together.

[0.5] How many times have my Brothers and Sisters
been sent onto you for your redemptive evolution?
None know me by name
nor land of my first human birth,
I am more ancient than your murky seas,
more steadfast and firm than the face of your ground.

[0.6] My name is Lord of the Appointed Time,
ever-striving servant of the Most Holy Divinity,
mighty warrior of the ancient days,
aeons and aeons before Man appeared on Earth,
forever renewed and reborn,

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