My dear Friends and Travelers,

I am back for the time being.  How long, I know not for the battle for justice, freedom, and truth remains to be won, one litigation at a time?  Our world remains ruled by sociopaths serving real or metaphorical Satans and Mammons.  Our species cannot learn it seems, and so we are likely doomed to being extinguished.  Fight as if you are going to win and die with honor–but do it awake and not asleep.  Die with love shinning still!

Blessings, Michael

The Poem Of Two Hearts

For happiness I don’t need much,
Seeing your shoes at my door,
Having your warm pillow close, and
Pouring coffee into two cups.

For pure inner joy, I need only you,
Your kind words bring me hope,
Your photos, excite my lust, and
Your soul, heals my broken heart.

Your sweet and loving voice at night,
Calms and excites.
Your sexy whisper before dawn,
Only makes me long for more.

Beloved Heart-Friend of mine,
Did you know, have you seen,
That real marriages are arranged in Heaven,
And not by holy priest or family plan.
For souls are born as pairlings – boy and girl,
And sent into the world alone,
To search for one another, no angelic help,
Only a faint remembrance remains, sometimes.

And when the storm breaks and
Angry dark clouds are threatening,
You comb my hair and kiss my cheeks,
There is no sadness, no harm, no fear.

A Sufi man once took me aside, and
We sat together ‘neath an old date tree.
The old man smiled and after some time said,
“Most love is bitter, cold coffee,
Failing to give us what we truly need,
For its beans are self-love and greed.
Real love is sweet, warm and nutty,
Pleasing to the tongue and nice to the stomach,
For its beans are love of neighbor and Allah.”

Allah’s coffee pot is bottomless and always sweet,
Pleasing to the senses, the mind, and the heart.
But, for Allah to fill our cup to its brim,
First we must pour out the bitter draught.

The one who waits will value the meeting.
In parting no one is to blame. . .
The one who cannot love will kill the candle, but
The one who loves is shining still.

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