The Purpose Journey (Lesson 54)

The Purpose Journey (Lesson 54)

The kitchen grannies had prepared a wondrous breakfast. The students were discussing the affairs of last night and Merlin’s tale. Finally, Edward asked, “Merlin, was last night intended as a teaching lesson for all of us? It seemed much too spontaneous to me, but nothing surprises me anymore–when it comes to Magick.”

The kitchen grannies began to laugh and Merlin replied, “Edward, of course, it was a teaching lesson for all of you. Morgana may be a mite over-dramatic, but she is a great teacher of Magick. What happened last night was a miracle, but it was also an object lesson.

“All of you have been with Tristan for a long time and have been provided learning opportunities outside of the imaginations and dreams of most human beings. Last night, Tristan, Morgana, and I showed you the most fundamental core of Scientific Gnosticism. The esotericism we teach is based solely upon the most precious energy of all energies, Pure Love. Every day, you see the love shared by Tristan and Morgana. You see how Morgana depends upon Tristan and how Tristan adores her. You were there when they created Eleanor.

“You met Gabriel and went to his wedding in the Land of the Djinn. You observed Morgana’s reactions to Tristan’s kisses in the Temple of the Ancient and saw her naked. No one was shy or embarrassed for everyone loved Morgana as a best friend and mother.

“The Purpose Journey Tristan brought you on was to demonstrate the power of love when it fills your heart so full it overflows as the desire for more joy for another than for yourself. Of course, Creation has many purposes, but simply said, the only Abiding Purpose is to learn to Love unconditionally by learning Wisdom so to properly utilize your Will.

“In all of the worlds, there is no being who loves more unconditionally than Gabriel. He has told you his tales and you have learned of the religion of the Djinn. He is the only being who has fulfilled the Creator’s Plan so well that the Holy Father and Holy Mother allowed the Holy Daughter, Ariel, to join with him as One.

“So right after breakfast, the lot of you will accompany me to the Temple of the Ancients so to meditate upon this lesson. Then, I shall initiate each one of you by bathing you in the Magical Waters of the Temple. Each shall enter the waters naked and return to the surface reborn and ready for the tasks ahead. So hurry up, we have much business to accomplish.”

Everyone quickly finished food and beverage, returned to their rooms to prepare, and promptly met Merlin in the library. When the group was gathered, Merlin whispered a spell in Enochian and, in less time than it takes for a dragon to blink its eyes, the group was once again outside the Temple of the First Ones.

Merlin performed the mandatory invocation so to enter into the Temple proper. As the students entered, they saw that Tristan and Morgana were present–dressed in the white robes of the Hierophant and Matre. Both were standing on the South side of the Temple Pool and so were facing the entrance to the Temple. The female students noticed that Morgana water had broken for the front of her gown was wet and she was having early contractions, though she did her best to stand upright.

To their right and in the East, stood Gabriel with Sophie on his left and Alliona on his right. Gabriel was wearing a white garment trimmed on all edges with gold thread. On his head rested a laurel-leaf crown. Sophie was dressed similarly and her gown trimmed with copper thread. Alliona’s gown was trimmed in pure silver thread. Both Sophie and Alliona wore crowns constructed of various colors of rose and angel’s breath.

Standing below the trio was a beautiful woman the students had never met. She was dressed in a sheer linen gown with a belt at the waist. The gown was so sheer that her nakedness was barely concealed by it. She wore a crown made of the top of wheat stalks woven together.

Merlin brought the group to the Western quadrant of the Temple and arranged them with the six ladies in front and the six gentlemen behind. He then went to stand in the Northern Quadrant of the Temple.

After everyone was situated, Gabriel announced,

“Awaken, awaken, enlightened Fathers and Mothers of all conscious creatures.
Awaken so to bathe this Temple of the First Ones
In the Divine Luminance, Radiance, and Enlightenment of
The Unborn, Unfathomable Source of All Beingness.

For on this day, a Miracle of the Holy Tetrad is to Manifest in this Ancient Temple.
A Miracle which shall open a Portal to the Oblivion so to return
Prince Marduk to the Universe of Being.
The Divine Emanation of the Holy Son, Kor-el, Himself.

For on this day, a Miracle of the Holy Tetrad is to Manifest in this Ancient Temple.
A Miracle which shall open a Portal to the Holy Family so to bring
Princess Eleanor to the Universe of Being,
The Divine Emanation of the Holy Daughter, Ariel, Herself.

Open the hearts and mind of those standing herein so to join all
Of us with the Eternal Hearts and Minds of Ye, Ancient Ones.
So, Chosen Ones, together we shall intone the sacred vowels,
Aum, Ra, Ma, Aum, three times. Take a breath in and we begin.”

The group intoned the vowel sound sequence three times with full voices. After they stopped, the Temple continued to resound the female uttered vowel sounds. Moreover, the water in the Temple Pool began to be agitated and musical notes were heard.

“Now, we shall intone Aum, Aum, Aum, Aum, Ra, Ma, Aum three times. Please inhale and we begin.”

The group intoned the vowel sound sequence three times with full voices. After they stopped, the Temple continued to resound the male uttered vowel sounds. The agitation of the water in the Pool increased greatly and the musical notes seemed to start a melody.

Gabriel continued, “The last vowel sound we shall intone shall be Om. The ‘O’ sound should occupy approximately 1/4 of your exhalation and the ‘M’ sound will finish off dropping to silence at the end of the breath. Inhale, please.”

The group intoned the vowel Om three times with full voices. At the end of the vowel sound, the water in the Pool was quite disturbed, but everyone heard the most beautiful music emanating from the water.

Gabriel began again, “Morgana, remove your gown and allow Tristan to help you descend into the Pool of Magick so to bring Ariel-Eleanor into this realm. Sophie and Alliona, remove your gowns and help stabilize Morgana as she squats upon the birthing stone lying just beneath the surface of the waters.

“Sweet Iris, you shall be the midwife delivering Ariel-Eleanor. Please take charge of the birthing.”

Iris removed her gown and descended into the Pool of Magick. She positioned herself in front of Morgana and instructed her how to breathe and bear down with the contractions. Iris said, “Little Mother you are much honored for my Mother Demeter, who you call Alliona, and my Sister Kore, who you call Sophie, are here for this most Holy and Divine Birth. And above you, is our Beloved Apollo, Lord of the Light.

“Please drink this potion I concocted for you will have an easy birth and a quick birth,” finished Iris.

As Iris spoke in a soft voice, the Magick Pool manifested a very relaxing melody which visibly relaxed Morgana. Both Demeter and Kore comforted Morgana and controlled her breaths and pushing. As Iris watched her vulva, she would spread a softening cream which relaxed the area so it would not tear. Everyone was totally focused on the birthing event.

Iris said, “Morgana, push harder, your daughter’s head in beginning to show. Push, sweetheart, push. She is coming, she is coming.” Morgana looked exhausted and was sweating profusely. Morgana screamed one time, and Eleanor was caught by Iris and held up for everyone to see.

Iris said, “A goddess has been born who shall right this world. Thank you Father-Mother for this gift of Pure Love with Her Flaming Sword. Little Mother take your daughter so she may feed at your breast.”

As Morgana nursed Eleanor, Iris made sure that the afterbirth was properly removed so to prevent any bleeding problems.

Morgana looking up at Tristan said, “Look, Honey. It is our Eleanor. Isn’t she beautiful?”

And indeed the child was beautiful in every way. Moreover, as she fed on Morgana’s breast, little Eleanor and Morgana began to radiate the golden light and the Temple of the First Ones was filled with unconditional love. The magical water in the Pool turned into liquid, transparent ruby after being mixed with Morgana’s water and blood from the birth process.

Gabriel began to speak once more, “Students of Lord Tristan, remove your gowns and follow Merlin into the Magick Pool. Arrange yourselves so that you make a circle around Morgana and Eleanor. Each male shall be surrounded by two females and each female by two males.

“You have all successfully completed this part of your magical training with the highest honors. Each, a little different, but all accomplished. Today, is a most auspicious time for you, as the birth of Ariel-Eleanor in this Temple of Temples, and Morgana’s water and blood have caused this Pool to change into a color never seen previously in this pool. Her water and her blood are High Magick. Each one of you shall kneel down and use your hands as a cup so to take up this water and drink of it as many times as seems appropriate. This is not ordinary water you drink, but the water of Eternity and the Unborn. Then, you shall lie down in the water and allow yourself to sink to the stone bottom. Do not worry, you shall not drown, but you shall find yourself in the place between death and rebirth. I have something to bequeath to you.
The students did as instructed and settled into the ruby water. True to Gabriel’s word, none felt they were short of oxygen, but in a few minutes all lost consciousness. Shortly, each student heard Gabriel voice, a voice which first seemed so far away, but grew closer as they listened.

Gabriel said, “My dears, at this moment, I ask each of you to visualize your Mentor, your Rav, standing next to you. As your vision clears and you regain awareness, you will notice just how relaxed and at ease you are at this moment of time. As you survey your awareness, you notice the total absence of concern, anxiety, or worry, in fact, it seems rather strange to be without any negative emotions present in your psyche.

“But, all is as it should be for I have brought you to a place none of you have been too before during this incarnation. All of you are present outside of time and space in a region which the Tibetan Buddhists call the bardo at the moment of death–though, none of you have died. Your awareness is present here for you need to learn something prior to the end of your physical lives.

“This lesson is a gift of Eleanor, Morgana, and Tristan so to celebrate this auspicious and unique occasion of a direct influx of Holy Compassion from the Holy Father-Mother, or if you prefer, from the Buddha-Consorts of the five directions. I am going to take you through the three bardos while you are alive so you will recognize them when you come to the time for physical death. This way you shall remember and at the worse choose an auspicious life as a stream-enterer.”

Gabriel took them through the three primary bardo experiences using prayers and instructions gathered from the Tibetan Book, The Great book Of Liberation Through Understanding In the Between. At the end, he said, “Noble Ones, I do not know how any of you will actually experience the period between physical death and rebirth so to complete your journeys as stream-enterers. For such experiences are strongly dependent upon your social upbringing and strongly held beliefs. This being said, while, what I have shown you may not be your exact experience, you will be able to recognize similarities–for the psychoistic process is fundamentally the same–person to person, culture to culture, religion to religion. This is the greatest gift, we can give to each of you. For the Holy Family so loves the creatures it watches over that even in death special opportunities for Enlightenment are given when the individual’s mental faculties are much enhanced, as it is freed from much of the negativity of its autobiographical memories.

“Rise up from the ruby water and behold the Clear Light filling this Temple of Temples which is the Holy Family,” finished Gabriel.

When the students rose out of the water and stood around Morgana, they experienced the Clear Light which seemed to be radiating from little Eleanor who was floating with Morgana in the air. Little Eleanor spoke, “Daughters of Eve and Sons of Adam, you have seen the Way, do not forget this Day.”

As everyone left the Pool and dressed, including Morgana, Gabriel’s beloved Ariel appeared to his eyes alone. Ariel said, “Heart of my Heart, it seems that you and I shall fight another battle together in this Universe. So, I must depart from Sophie and Alliona. But, still, you and I are eternally joined in Divine Intercourse, in unending Bliss, Unconditional Love, and Truth. For every Buddha Consort has Her Buddha Prince. When in deep sleep, we shall remember of Union and shower Divine Love upon each Other.”

After everyone was dressed, Merlin took everyone back to his Crystal Cave. Gabriel, Sophie, Alliona, and Iris returned to Athens so to finish their Work.

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