The Purpose Journey (Lesson 53)

The Purpose Journey (Lesson 53)

As the sun was setting, the troop of seekers arrived in Camelot and headed to the Phoenix & Dragon Inn. The Inn was a popular rendezvous spot for the knights and ladies of Camelot. Even though, everyone was well aware that Sir Tristan was married to Morgana La Fey, the ladies invariably flirted with him and he with them. Tristan always made sure to pay attention to the less comely and more shy ladies, as he truly did honor and respect the female gender.

As the troop took their seats at an empty table, Merlin ordered a goblet of Dragon’s Blood for each. After the goblets arrived, Merlin stood and made a toast, “Let us drink to the miracle which happened at this Inn a long time past.”

Everyone raised his or her goblet and drank. Celestine asked, “Merlin, you haven’t told us about any miracles happening at the Inn. Tell us, please.”

Merlin began, “A long time ago Tristan, Morgana, and I were at the Inn with Arthur’s remaining knights. Morgana and Tristan were not yet married, for she had only recently returned from the dark side. Needless to say, Camelot was not particularly receptive to Morgana.

In earlier times, Tristan had often stayed at the Inn and read troubadour poetry to the notables gathered together for an evening of serious discussions. Several of the most interesting ladies claimed to have succumbed to his poetry and wit, but Sir Tristan never agreed or disagreed. Though, more than once he had been seen stop next to a young lady to chat and lovingly stroke her hair.

Whenever, this occurred everyone agreed that each of these ladies was most dearly loved by Tristan for the auras about their head become visible and flickered in so many colors. A visiting knight once asked, “Lord Merlin why do the auras of such ladies become visible whenever Tristan touches them so tenderly? Is it a miracle?”

Merlin answered, “Yes, young knight, his touch is a miracle. Sir Tristan’s Inner Soul abides in Pure Love Alone. So when he strokes a ladies hair or face, holds her hands in his, it brings to the surface the innermost beauty and goodness of the young lady. He does this so other knights and lords will see just how beautiful and wise are those not so blessed with good looks. Needless to say, our Tristan is quite the matchmaker in Camelot.

“Tristan use to say, ‘Lady Fortune, like a farmer seeding a field, randomly distributes good looks and sexiness. While, it is nice to look upon such pretty faces and figures, those who have the kindest of hearts and the clearest of minds, only grow prettier with age. So young knights, marry for love and good companionship, not for a pretty face, a loose disposition, or a tight ass.’

After Morgana and Tristan were reunited, Morgana would get unreasonably jealous over the attention Tristan paid to the unmarried ladies of Camelot. One night, she stormed out of the Inn and Merlin followed her so to explain the reason for Tristan’s behavior. She thought for a moment saying, “Of Merlin, why am I such a fool to doubt my beloved. Especially, as it was my fear of losing the only man I ever loved, to be alone and unloved in the world, my jealousy, and my immaturity, which lead me to the dark side. For if I could not have all of Tristan, I would do with none and make the world suffer.”

Morgana began to weep and Merlin took her into his arms, “Oh Morgana, I cleansed you of the illness of the darkness, but you must rid yourself of all negative emotions towards Tristan–for his sake and your sake. If you do not, you will feel unloved and alone. Gabriel and Tristan are not like other men. Their centers of being are not in any of the known worlds, but in the First World of the Ancients. Often, they are difficult to understand, but what they do is always out of love for another.

“For instance, Sophie and Alliona are both married to Gabriel and are the happiest ladies I have ever met. They bare no jealousy for they each feel the full love of Gabriel and this love is so potent that they adore and love each other more than sisters. It really is a miracle. So Morgana, dry up your tears and go back to the Inn. Tristan is waiting for you. Show Camelot that you are not a petty woman, a jealous woman, but a woman who loves others more than she loves herself.”

Morgana understood perfectly and felt changed inside. At first she thought Merlin had cast a spell over her, but quickly understood that it was Tristan’s love and her determination which finally freed her from her past. “Yes, dear Merlin. Time to go back. You are the best friend a girl could ever have.”

And back to the Inn they went smiling.

When Merlin and Morgana opened the Inn door and entered, Tristan excused himself and went over and took her hand, saying, “Come my Love, sit with me.”

Suddenly, the common room began to fill with a warm, golden light radiating from the innermost being of Morgana. Everyone knew that physically, Morgana was the most beautiful, wittiest, charming, and intelligent lady they had ever seen or heard tales about. But at this moment, they saw the golden light of innate goodness, kindness, and love that had been hiding within her heart since the day she first met Tristan as a child without friends.

Indeed, Tristan was not an ordinary knight or wizard. Tristan was the essence of love itself.

As Merlin noted later in his diary, “What a night, we had at the Phoenix & Dragon Inn. Somehow, the radiance of Morgana opened the door to the hidden hearts of those present and the Inn was filled with an unconditional love shared betwixt all present. Such love fed by the love poetry spontaneously composed and orated by Tristan and Morgana exalting the love they possessed for each other. I am sure something wonderful has transpired in Camelot yesterday eve. Truly, love is the magick of the Ancients.”

After finishing his tale of the miracle at the Inn, Merlin sat down and everyone was silent. Everyone had a tear or two streaming down his or her cheeks. Morgana, realizing how things could have turned out, buried her face in Tristan’s chest. Tristan said nothing, but began to stroke her hair and Morgana began radiating her golden light just as had happened during Merlin’s story. Soon all hearts were open to God’s Love and all malice and negativity left the great room.

Everyone had a grand time eating, drinking, and sharing love verses with each other. The party lasted to nearly dawn and the troop was back at the Crystal Cave just as faithful Sol was rising above the horizon. No one wanted to sleep , but everyone was ready for breakfast. Well not everyone, Morgana and Tristan were off to their boudoir to make love.

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