Esoteric Questions to Ponder and Answer-13

Hello Tyros +,

This question is for any member who acknowledges his or her “God of my Heart and Realization.”  Afterall, at the most basic level of communication the mystical experience is PERSONAL and not COMMUNAL.  Being so, today’s ponderous delight is:

QUESTION:  During a mystical experience, does the mystae experience the PsychoSpiritual contact directly with the Unfathomable, Unknowable, Eternal, Infinite Source, i.e., GOD, or is the experience actually between GOD, as an emanated archetype, or Sacred Image, placed into our universe as a fundamental which manifests based upon our person apperceptions?

Remember, dear ones, my questions are never designed as simple either-or questions.

Have fun, Michael

ps:  And some of you have thought the occultism challenging.

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