Carl Jung and Synchronicity

Fr Raul, sorry for my late response, but very busy.  I want to reply specifically to your discovery about how helpful answers are often provided to us in ways we never expect.

Carl Jung, the grand psychiatrist, taught the world many things about our psychological world experience and its connection to a higher reality.  I call this mental space, the PsychoSpiritual World.

Jung spent some 50 years evaluating the dreams of people in therapy and so came to know the psychospiritual world better than any prior student of the personal and collective psyches inhabiting our experiential sphere.

One of his discoveries concerned the occurrence of two events, not simultaneous, which on the surface appeared unrelated, but from a therapeutic perspective they shared a meaning. He called this phenomenon Synchronicity.

So the teaching, I provided in my book, House of Eternity: I. Rumination Upon Divinity, after your attempts to consciously connect with me in the Celestial Sanctum, a place I never fully leave anymore, for some metaphysical aid.  On the surface you felt that you could not find me or connect with my conscious mind, but in truth your heart found my heart and so I answered your question in a seemingly unrelated post. All of these occurring via the phenomenal, astral, or collective psyche.  R+C call this Cosmic Mind which is a close enough approximation.

This is a perfect example of synchronicity via the wisdom of the collective psyche.  Most people perceive the phenomenal worlds as a dream and usually without conscious awareness, but the higher awareness is often not appreciated by the normal awareness.

This is why I told dear Sr. Jessica that entities, or forces, residing in the phenomenal world are always trying to help us better deal with life so to make a soul.  Our problem is that we do not realize this truth and so close ourselves to such help.

I learned some 50 years ago something the R+C teach early in the Monographs.  That we need to open ourselves to the truth that our awareness possesses two levels of functioning:

(1) The lowest is everyday, mundane awareness (yes-no, like-dislike, pleasant-unpleasant, me-world and so on).  I call this ordinary awareness, or sensitivity.  The higher mammals possess sensitivity to the world.

(2)  The higher is found most easily during meaningful dreams when one finds “the observing function.”  The observing function is directly connected to the the higher awareness of the Cosmic Existence and is able to understand much better than the sensitivity.  This is rightly called Consciousness.

The problem is that most people never have discovered this as they matured.

When the lower and higher are working together we are able to serve the higher purposes of existence and are open to greater knowledge and understanding.  Some times it is even best to allow the higher to work without the lower even knowing so there is no interference.

I have never accepted the concept of the Master Within as a perfected being.  What is really experienced is our higher awareness which must be developed fully to become a full human.  Eventually, the lower serves the higher and the higher serves Creation, by choice.



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