Notes From The Rose-Croix

Hello, dear friends, hope everyone is having a profitable time on this site.  I apologize for my lack of astral travelogues, but really busy with civil rights litigation.  I do have something for all of you to ponder, actually two observations.

First, I have noticed that the more intellectually demanding a post is, the less comments and viewers.  This is understandable based upon our human natures, but not good in the long run.

Second, more feeling based posts, or posts dealing with perceived spirituality are quite popular.

Together both are consistent with the postulate that one must integrate the heart before the intellect, as taught by the doctrine of the Noble Organ.

So the question for this day is the following:

Why do students naturally look to the heavens for answers, when a correspondent answer exists within the physical or psychological worlds?  After all, the universe is a self sufficient Monad which requires that the Laws of Creation and World Maintenance must reflect each other. So why start at the unknown when we can observe the known.

Be Wishes, so sayeth Michael

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