Conversation with a Rose-Croix (65)

The Illusory Timeline or Where Did The Past Go? (40.3)

February 3, 2017

“Keeping the above explanation in mind, a better way to conceive of sequential time is as snapshots of how the energy of the universe is distributed throughout its available space from one tick of the universal reference clock to another. Therefore, at the first moment of universal sampling, we have one photograph, and after fourteen billion years having an imaginably high pile of photographs. Every time another photograph is taken we had it to our pile.

“What is important to note is that the pile of photographs grows taller with each sequential photograph, while the pile of photographs moves ahead one time interval after each photograph is made. Each time interval presenting another present moment or Now. Therefore, the pile of all past energy distributions is equivalent to a record book recording everything that has happened as to physical, living, and conscious energies in past time intervals. However, the information from the past is always present in every new present moment and so exists NOW to be read. In other words, the only time intervals which are observable are those in the NOW. Therefore, there can be no such dimension as time and so in actually there is no such entity as the PAST, nor the FUTURE for that matter. All we possess is this pile of photographs. Moreover, our NOW is always somewhat delayed, as new photographs are not yet placed in the pile as it takes clock time for us to process information.

“Subsequently, time travel is impossible as there are no past and no future to travel into, all that exist is the PRESENT MOMENT OF THE NOW. However, as each energy distribution was recorded as a snapshot, or photograph, and each photograph is marked with a linearly increasing ordinal number, a conscious being could arrange them in a temporal order. So when I speak of traveling into the past, I actually mean reading the pile of cards in a meaningful way so that I can take information from the most recent sequence of perceived Nows, and use it to modify the photographs of interest.
“What is most curious is that by changing a short sequence of photographs, all the later photographs may change such that the actual events happening in a subsequent series of present moments will change and not be noticed as history recorded in the present moment has also changed.

“I discovered this many years ago, but since I changed the photographs, I knew I was in a different physical world, but no one else realized it. But, the story is for later. Moreover, I have left aside many details as to how the universe photographs itself via a collapsed spatial dimension and so on.

“What I am teaching is not as far fetched as you might think. Over millenniums of practice, I perfected the psychoistic skills needed to induce deep trances and enhanced suggestibility in humans. As you know from your own work in medical hypnosis, the hypnotic experience allows the therapist and the patient to mentally return to the patient’s past, so to revivify and reframe significant events. Significant events, especially traumatic ones, form complexes, or psychoistic knots, called ‘state-dependent learning and memory.’ Such complexes are formed by the fusion of highly charged, concurrent sensory data, emotive states, images, smells, sounds, and past memories into one solid composite or emotional knot.

“Every time, a person is exposed to a trigger for the emergence of a particular emotional knot, all of the contained information erupts into his or her conscious awareness and a decompensation occurs. The strength and frequency of such emotional knots arising the more they are stimulated. Subsequently, the patient’s present moment is disrupted by a past, remembered moment.

“In hypnosis, the therapist and the patient reexperience the original event in different ways in an environment which the patient perceives as safe and protected. As the emotional knot is explored in a relaxed state, the words of the therapist are designed to slowly diminish the emotional charge associated with the remembered event. Moreover, the therapist reframes the event in a way that the patient’s conscious mind can accept the event without guilt or shame. Fear and anticipation are replaced by neutrality and peace.

“By the end of therapy, the therapist and patient have untied the original knot during the therapeutic process and retied it by clarification of the event and the addition of new information and feelings. The patient’s present moments are changed and he or she is no longer bound by the past.

“In our situation, we are returning to the psychoistic knot within the conjoint mind of mankind so to change the circumstances and responses to achieve a socially healthier and more useful psychoistic state of mankind.

“I also need to remind you that the conjoint human mind retains each and every significant knot experienced by mankind in an Astral Memory. These memories reside within the temporal dimensions of Hyparxis and so can be accessed in a manner similar to those within an individual,” finished Gabriel.

Tristan asked, “Interesting concept, old man. Where are you and the ladies going to go to unravel and retie a past event knot?”

Gabriel replied, “We are going to visit the City of Athens during the time Zeno of Citium was founding the philosophical school of Stoicism. We will arrive prior to the development of Stoicism, around 300 BCE. During our stay, we all will teach in the colonnade in the Athenian Agora. I think around the Stoa of Zeus and the Temple of Apollo Patroos. This will put us directly across from the Stoa poikile where Zeno generally taught.

“We are going to be invited to visit Athens by the Head Priestess of the Temple of Demeter at Eleusis as she wants to be able to hug and kiss Demeter and Kore. In fact, we are going to manifest to the celebrants as Demeter, Kore, and Apollo during the time of the four-year reenactment of the Greater Mysteries. We will each perform many miracles so to place into the collective psyche of mankind the experience of being in the personal presence of divine beings. The Djinn had a similar experience with Ariel, but they are favored over humanity by the Holy Family.

“Don’t worry Sophie, Immortals are considered divine beings by the Holy Family, so this is not a lie. Our hope is that the creation of a new archetype within the human conjoint mind, an archetype which is experienced as an Actuality, will help avoid the necessity of a major cleansing of the human race of egoism and greed by our dear Ariel. If need be, we shall repeat the Great Djinn War. Though, the human race may be fully exterminated in contrast to the Djinn.

“The invitation is particularly unusual as the vision was not given to the High Priest or Hierophant of the Temple and so must be holy,” finished Gabriel.


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