Conversation with a Rose-Croix (64)

The Illusory Timeline or Where Did The Past Go? (40.2)

February 2, 2017

“Then, all is settled, my darlings. Let me tell you some more as to how I can untie and retie a past event knot. From what I discussed previously, a listener may have concluded that any conscious being can change the details of a past event know? This is not accurate, as the only parties capable of untying and retying an ancient event knot are those who were in conscious existence before and after the knot was tied. The only persons potentially qualifying are the Immortals, reincarnating Stream-Enterers, and Awakened Individuals. The second and third categories are sometimes able to jump humanity from a current world line onto another possible world line, but generally cannot operate over more several prior reincarnations.

“Immortals enter into new universes and remain throughout the historical period of that universe. Subsequently, their Higher Being Bodies and Kesdjan Bodies comprises part of the universal wave function and so are connected with every actualization of the wave functions. In other words, the current present moment of every Immortal is directly connected with any past event knot in his or her universe. Therefore, he or she can recreate, within the Astral World the persons and activities present in the original event, and place himself or herself within the recreated event so to influence the actions, feelings, and thoughts of the important characters.

“By entering his or her creative consciousness into the past event knot, the knot begins to unravel. By introducing new information and relationships into the past event knot, the knot continues to unravel, stabilize, and then reties itself. As the Immortal was not originally present, he or she will fail to be remembered after the knot is retied. I guess one could say, an Immortal simply rewrites and rescripts the original play so to erase the details of the original play and overwrites the new one. Then, the Immortal quietly leaves after the play is produced without leaving his or her name.”

Sophie asked, “But, Gabriel, I still do not understand how you can travel back in time. I think it violates the second law of thermodynamics, in both classical and statistical mechanics?”

Gabriel had to smile, saying, “I love having a physicist in the crowd. Of course, my sweet genius, it is impossible to actually visit prior event actualizations using any physical or mental instrument. Time travel is IMPOSSIBLE, but not for the reasons argued by physicists. It is impossible for there is not past to visit. Allow me to explain.

“If I ask most persons to imagine how the universe appears from the point of the Grand Deflation–Inflation, or the Big Bang for the older crowd, they will state that the universe is a four-dimensional hypersphere whose radius is increasing at the velocity of light in the vacuum of space. “To make it simpler, imagine that the physical universe exists on the surface of a three dimensional sphere. As time passes, the sphere is expanding so to increase its surface area, as a balloon being inflated. As the balloon inflates, the galaxies move apart from each other. This is equivalent to the observed speeds that visible matter separates under Hubble’s Law.

“However, the maximum radius of the hypersphere attained to date depends upon the distance traveled by photons and not matter. Currently, the radius of the hypersphere being on the order of fourteen billion light-years or approximately 82,200 billion billion miles, assuming my mental calculation is correct. A vast distance for sure.

“While, none of us can easily imagine how a hypersphere of even three spatial dimensions appears, the expanding balloon is close enough so to have a useful understanding of the spatial extent of our universe. The reason our species understands space better than time is that our perceptions evolved under the necessity of differentiating objects in space, and not time. I have discussed how our neurological imago operators function so to recreate a virtual world image to overlay upon the actual physical world.

“Now, if I ask one to imagine the extent of the universe using time increments, most persons will tell you that the temporal distance from the beginning to the present is around fourteen billion years in length. In other words, people tend to think of time, as if it were a spatial dimension. This is an error for time is not a dimension, but an ordinal series of numbers, 1, 2, 3, . . . n of a chosen reference time interval. So we speak of ten seconds being less time than twenty seconds and so on.

“Part of the misconception results from Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, where a pseudospatial dimension is generated for time by multiplying the number of seconds recorded by a uniformly translating clock by the vacuum speed of light and the imaginary number ‘i.’ This allows one to plot the three spatial dimensions (x, y, z) and the spacetime dimension (ict) on the fourth orthogonal axis so to show how am object in space translates when observed from different laboratory reference frames. Special relativity allows each observer to calculate an invariant ‘spacetime interval,’even though lengths and times differ from one frame to another. The observers will not observe an event happening in space at the same local time, but the sequence of events remains the same.

“In other words, Special Relativity Theory is an observational theory arising from the restriction that no information may translate faster than photons in a vacuum, rather than a true geometric theory. Morever, Albert and I were never in agreement as to the existence of a true resting reference clock for the universe? I argued that the geometry of space is fixed in space and so it possesses the true reference clock for the universe. Every material clock is moving relative to space itself so observational theory only applies to moving reference frames. Never could convince the old bird that he was wrong.


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