Conversations with a Rose-Croix (62)

The Upcoming Honeymoon–Understanding Time (40)

January 28

Gabriel began, “Tomorrow, September 7, Sophie, Alliona, and I are going to take a voyage to ancient Athens and Eleusis. Yes, we are going back into the past so to make some minor changes so to improve the probability that mankind will move beyond its most primitive genetic tendencies. It is my hope to avoid the necessity for Ariel to be born and bring on the end times. There is no guarantee that we shall succeed for the actualization of the universal wave functions from one moment to another is not truly deterministic.

“Sophie, I know you are going to ask me, how is it possible to travel back into the past, as the only available, experiential event is the ‘now.’ I define the ‘now’ as the standard interval of the duration of a human thought gestalt. Such intervals comprising about one to three seconds. Moreover, the past vanishes every time the universal wave functions collapse, or actualize a new energy distribution for the entire occupied universe. So, I need to expand the concepts of time and eternity.

“As each sequential actualization is probabilistic, it is impossible to accurately predict the far future. So the history actualized and experienced at this moment can not be back projected very well. The only physical events which can be reasonably reconstructed are those available from the geological history recorded in the earth. Archaeological records as to human evolution are much fuzzier than the geological record. Social history recorded in writing and stories are even less reliable.

“Moreover, the current universal energy distribution could have evolved in time starting from any number of differing, initial world-events moving from the beginning of time forward. This is best visualized as follows. Place a dot in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. Draw a straight line across the paper from the left to the right some 10 cm above the dot. Draw another straight line across the paper from left to right some 10 cm below the dot. These lines should be horizontal and parallel.

“To the left of this dot is the past and to the right is the future. Now, draw a straight line connecting the left end of the upper line to the right end of the bottom line. Then, draw as straight line connecting the left end of the bottom line with the upper end of the top line. If everything is drawn correctly, you will see on your paper, or in your mindspace, an elongated rectangle containing an ‘X.’ Theoretically, the midpoint of the ‘X’ should be the original dot.

“Imagine that contained within the left triangle exist Inside this triangle are uncountable number of lines leading from the past and ending at the dot. Similarly, the right triangle contains an uncountable number of straight lines leading from the dot to the right side of the paper, the future.

“But, this is not the full picture. The position of the dot can be moved vertically, up or down, until it reaches the two upper parallel lines. Each and every change in position of the dot adds more possible ways to arrive at the present and move into the future.

“Now, imagine that the next world-event to happen jumps from its past line to another line by moving perpendicular to the timeline from left to right. At that moment, any past determinism disappeared and now the future is unpredictable.

“I call the temporal dimension orthogonal to clock time, ‘Eternity.’ Eternity represents the set of all potential possibilities for a universe to occupy, at any time measured from its birth. Moreover, Eternity is actually defined by two dimensions orthogonal to each other and both orthogonal to the third dimension of clock time. The three dimensions of temporality can be visualized as cylinder where the long dimension is clock time and the area between the circumference and the center line is Eternity.

“However, the true form of three-dimensional temporality is more like an American football, or prolate ellipsoid. At both long-ends of the prolate ellipsoid exists a central point from which the surface of the ellipsoid radiates around its central axis. In the middle of the long axis, the circumference of the prolate ellipsoid is maximal.

“If we draw the prolate ellipsoid so its central axis is horizontal, we can place the beginning of a new universe at the point from which the surface area grows from a pseudo-singularity. At its birth, the universe can occupy only a single, well-defined energy distribution. As the universe counts the actualizations of the wave functions from the beginning toward the end, current moment possibilities increase to a maximum and eventually begin to decrease to a well-defined endpoint energy distribution. These possibilities are enclosed within the sequential ellipses forming the outer surface of the prolate ellipsoid. Any question, gang,” asked Gabriel.

Everyone was quiet and looked totally lost. Sophie finally remarked, “Clock time, two dimensions of Eternity, three temporal dimensions and three spatial dimensions. Time is a prolate ellipsoid. Honey, I think it will require much time (pun intended) to understand the fullness of time. But, I do understand that the universe is chaotic and hazardous. But, why does Eternity require two orthogonal dimensions?”

“Sophie, the answer to that question explains how I can take you back into time so to modify which world-events actualize so to compose a new time line and a new present. The second dimension of Eternity is known to the Immortals as Dreaming of Time. It allows us, not to actually go back in physical time, which is entropically impossible, but into the world of possibilities so to move everything to a new world line. By desiring to change the future, we can re-experience the past in the dreamtime which is not bound by either space or time,” answered Gabriel.


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