Conversations with a Rose-Croix (61)

Gabriel and Tristan Return (39)

January 27

Three months had passed since Sophie, Alliona, and Lydia had arrived to Camelot. Both had made great strides in magic and so were now studying intermediate magic. Merlin attributed such rapid and impressive progress to early immortality. Lydia did find a spell and potion which would add five years of maturity, but Morgana would not allow them to try it out until after her nieces were born. Just to be on the safe side.

Tristan and Gabriel finished their business in Nouseum and returned to Camelot. Everyone was most excited. When they arrived in the Library, Morgana and Eleanor ran to hug and kiss Tristan. Sophie and Alliona did the same for Gabriel.

Alliona pulled up her dress saying, “Honey, look at Sophie and I, we are showing our babies. Isn’t is beautiful. Come and feel your little daughter.”

Gabriel went to Alliona and reached down with his right hand onto her abdomen, “My, you do show that you are pregnant,” as he gently bent over to kiss her lips. I love you, sweet wife. Let, me see you Sophie.”

Sophie lifted her dress also and Gabriel walked around to see her abdomen. He said, “You two look almost identical. Now, I must give you a tender kiss, my Sophie.” He kissed her and continued, “I have very good news. Nouseum is prepared for the moment and Marduk is well hide from the Evil Ones. So tomorrow, we leave on our belated honeymoon. Ready?”

Sophie and Alliona threw their arms around Gabriel. Sophie said, “Oh, yes. Honey. We have many nights of love making to catch up on. Right Alliona.”

Alliona said, “Right as usual Sister. And we are going to start right now.” Both grabbed Gabriel by one arm and the trio disappeared from the Library.

Little Eleanor asked, “Mummy, where are they taking Uncle Gabriel?”

Morgana replied, “I think he must be tired. I am going to take Daddy to bed also. You stay with Uncle Merlin, honey.”

And soon Eleanor and Merlin were alone playing one of Merlin’s magick games.

After dinner, everyone returned to the Library to discuss the upcoming honeymoon. Sophie and Alliona were quite sure that the honeymoon was designed to serve a higher purpose.



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