Conversation with a Rose-Croix (11)


Good and Evil (7)–A Visit to Swedenborg

December 4

Feeling that she was now in a pleasant place, she asked, “Gabriel, did God put that creature in Hell?”

“No, Sophie. God does not reward or punish any kesdjan body after physical death. As you will soon learn, each kesdjan body chooses its afterlife residence based upon the core love which is most precious and most desired. We are going to visit a dear friend of mine, originally from Sweden, who was well acquainted with the heavenly and hellish regions of the astral,” replied Gabriel.

“However, I will answer your question. But, you must remember that the Divine Quale, Caring-Compassion, or Love, is the most powerful Quale. For it is this Divine Force underlying all other forces of cohesion, attraction, and unification.

“The hasnamus you saw is in the Hell that he, himself, chose. His greatest loves, his overriding core loves, were self-love and egoism, and after his physical body died, he chose the only place in the astral where he could be the god of a world. On our visit, I only showed you his objective situation. I did not show you what his imagined or subjective world was like, other than for a few moments of clarity and suffering provided by God so that he may still repent and earn another try. But, repenting will never occur for the creature’s delusion is perfect.

“In his distorted mind, he believes that he truly is the God and the Creator of his world. He has manufactured a world in an imaginary region of the astral which is most ironic. His wish to be as God was most imprudent, as he failed to realize that Gods can only create in their own image. As he is a hideous, egoistic creature, all conscious life in his imagined universe is as he is ugly, evil, and knows only to take. The sole loves in his pretend universe are aggrandizement and hoarding. All his creatures see him as he really is and so destroy his temples. So he destroys one universe so to make another which takes billions of years, naturally. It always turns out to be same.

“One would think, given his guaranteed failures and his few moments of clarity between creations, that he would come to understand. But, no. He is ‘blind Samuel’ and will never see,” explained Gabriel.

“Wow! I can see that underlying these astral worlds, there is something imaginably great, fair, and good after all,” chimed in Sophie.

A slightly portly, elderly man was hurrying toward them. His white, frizzy hair fell to his shoulders. He was dressed in a green, velvet coat, knickers, and black shoes with stockings covering his calves and knees. Sophie guessed that he was dressed in clothes of the middle 18th century Europe. He had a most pleasant face and a kindness surrounding his person.

As the gentleman grew close, he said, just slightly out of breath for he had hurried to the pair, “Gabriel, my old friend. I see you have brought a student to visit with me. How nice.”

Gabriel and the old gentleman shared a hug, Gabriel replied, “Yes, Emanuel, this is Sophie and we are on a most important mission this evening for the benefit of the future. I want you to explain to her about the visions you had of Heaven and Hell during your later life. Sophie give this old coot a nice hug, please. You will adore him.”

Sophie hugged Emanuel.

Emanuel said, “It is indeed a most special pleasure to make the acquaintance of such a fine lady. My name is Emanuel Swedenborg. I imagine you have heard my name ?”

Sophie replied, “Yes, I know there is a Swedenborgian Church, but, I have not read your books. I am sorry,” for she felt a tinge of embarrassment.

Emanuel just chuckled, saying, “No matter for today I will share my visions of Heaven and Hell which arose from this portion of the astral plane. At the moment, we are standing on the plane onto which the angels of death bring the kesdjan bodies of the recently departed. In my books, I spoke of souls, but when I finally passed and arrived here. I learned that my visions had been basically correct, but that some of my Lutheran concepts were erroneous.

“Actually, when I first got to the entrance plane, I was greeted by Gabriel who corrected some of my misunderstandings. He explained that I would do a great service to the few kesdjan bodies that would reincarnate later by preparing them for another life by teaching them more about God’s Plan. It was sound advice and so I have been here tutoring and mentoring for the past two and one half centuries. Come with me, I know a nice little coffee and tea shop to sit down and talk. These old legs still get tired.”

Emanuel wrinkled his nose and Sophie and Gabriel found themselves sitting at a table in a flower garden in midsummer England–not real England, of course. On the table was a plate of freshly baked scones, clabbered cream, and blackberry jam. Next to it rested a plate of ham and butter, and celery and butter, tea sandwiches on white bread, no crusts. Emanuel reached over so to lift an old porcelain teapot and poured tea for his guests. Then, he offered sugar and cream. After everyone was served dark, English tea, Emanuel began.

“Sophie, when a Christian human being goes thru transition and his or her kesdjan body is released, he or she is met by several angels. These angels explain that he or she has died and deliver him or her to this plane, which is situated between Heaven and Hell. The angels explain that this plane is a school for new souls, a school God created so that a soul would have an opportunity to review how he or she had lived his or her life upon the earth. During the review, the angels point out major errors made and how such errors could have been avoided. They also encourage the soul to begin some honest repenting and doing service in Heaven so to help those whom he or she had harmed.

“Sometimes, a new arrival honestly repents and works hard so to help those he or she had hurt through greed, selfishness, or just not caring. As one repents and performs Heavenly community service, he or she begins to feel lighter and more joyful. Such joy encourages him or her to work even harder to cleanse the soul. Eventually, one completes his or her time of service and the faithful angels transport him or her to the lowest Heaven. Some of the most sincere repenters have earned the privilege of entering into the highest heaven, as they learned to love selfless work so much that they did not want to stop helping God. They learned that the greatest core love was to love God and those around them more than themselves.

“So Sophie, you have learned the true purpose of Purgatory, eh?”

“Yes, thanks. I see that even if the forces of our universe can be used for selfishness or altruism, God made sure that people have more than one chance to ‘get with the plan,’ if they choose to do so.”

“Yes, Sophie, Our Common Father is more generous and loving than any creature can imagine, but by choice is restricted in what can be done. For freedom to choose is the greatest gift imaginable for a Father to give to His children. God is not egotistical so does not want followers, He wants the Greatest Good for All. Unfortunately, freedom of choice in four-brain creatures must birth evil and possible failure of each universe.


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