Conversation with a Rose-Croix (10)

Good and Evil (6)

December 3

“But, Gabriel, isn’t there something we can do on Earth so not to make real demons,” asked Sophie?

“Of course, there is a solution. If humans eradicated the genes contributing to sociopathy, presuming nothing else happened, it would be a good start. Genetic testing of parents prior to pregnancy would be useful so to prevent conception of sociopaths. Perhaps, one day, genetic re-engineering will fix these defective genes. A nice idea, but I am sure your species would mess it up anyway. So leave it alone,” answered Gabriel.

“I think I will take you on a dream journey into the conjoint dream world so to show you, ‘in person so to speak,’ all that I have told you is true. Remember, do not believe new things until you can verify and understand. Rule Two, eh,” continued Gabriel. “Are you up for a journey, my dear?”

Sophie replied, “I would like to observe all that you have told me first hand. What must I do?”

Gabriel said, “Sit up straight in your chair, close your eyes, and allow your being to move into the quietness within. As you rest, imagine our two chairs are inside a side room in the Order’s Grand Temple. Our safe room is filled with soft light and sweet rose incense. As you rest in your chair, allow your kesdjan body to leave its vehicle and stand a few feet away facing your body. When you see your physical body, I want you to imagine that it is enclosed in a very strong force field composed of atons which no evil may penetrate.

“Take about ten seconds to visualize such force field, knowing that your physical body can rest and feel safe, while, your kesdjan body travels with mine. When you are done, allow your kesdjan body to turn to your left and you will see my kesdjan body standing two yards away. Will your awareness to move your kesdjan body next to mine and take my right hand in your left hand. Very good, Sophie.

“Now, I want you to imagine that you and I are surrounded with another force field which will repeal all evil beings so they are unable to infect your kesdjan body. I will help you, darling, and stay within such force field so you will feel safe. I do not need such protection as nothing can harm me.”

Sophie felt that she was being surrounded by a field composed of pure goodness. While, she could easy see through this atonic sphere, she also saw that it glowed with a golden-violet hue. She said, “Gabriel, this is really cool. You really do now how to treat a lady on a date. What next?”

Gabriel placed his arm around her waist saying, “Here we go, Sophie, off into the wild blue yonder to find us some Djinn. Look Sophie, two Djinn are sitting at a table speaking. Because of our shield they will not even know we are eaves-dropping.”

Sophie was surprised because the Djinn looked like the Djinn from the Arabian stories.

Gabriel noted such saying, “Sophie, astral beings tend in appear to humans in the forms imagined by humans as long as the dream worlds are connected. The Djinn see us as they imagine us to be. Listen carefully. Tell me what you see.”

Sophie replied, “I see two Djinn sitting at a table with what appears to be a hookah. As they talk, they take puffs from the hookah. I see the charcoal burn hotter when they inhale and smoke in the tubes, but no smoke comes out when they exhale. Why?”

“Sophie, what do you think they use for tobacco,” asked Gabriel?

“I don’t know, what?”

Gabriel answered, “The tobacco they smoke is extracted from human soul-seeds. It is ptahonic energy, the energy of creativity and individuality. They pluck some out from their marks and then smoke it for nourishment. They see humans, as sheep-like creatures, existing mainly for food.”

Sophie put her arms around, Gabriel, and wrinkled her nose, “This is disgusting, Gabriel. Can we go somewhere else, please?”

Gabriel took her hand and off they went into a very dark cave inside a monstrous rocky mountain situated within a desolate plain of sand and rocks stretching as far as the eyes could see. “Sophie, I am taking you into one of the Hell regions so you will see what usually happens to those creatures who absorb and misuse spiritual energies. In this world, many caves like this exist, each containing one individual hasnamus.

“Gabriel, what is a hasnamus?”

“Sophie, a hasnamus is a word created by Gurdjieff in the early 20th century. Gurdjieff loved to create new words and this word can be interpreted to mean ‘someone who outwardly receives much honor and attention as an evolved being, but inwardly is nothing but excrement. To the eyes of the world he possesses power and position, but his end is to be excreted out of existence.

“There are three kinds of hasnamus. The difference between types is not so much by degree of egoism corrupting the soul-seed, but by how much spiritual energy has been drawn in and perverted to its own use and the damage done to other beings. We call the worst of such beings ‘eternal hasnamus’

“Watch soon you will see what was once a human being,” said Gabriel.

In a chamber lite by several natural gas vents sat an ugly creature chained to a stone throne by an anklet of steel on its right leg. The creature was covered by dark yellow fur and streaked with its own excrement. Its face was looked into an unchanging sneer, its eyes dark, empty spheres filled with egoism. Its mouth full of rotten, yellow teeth. It could not stand straight for its spine was bent to the right and backwards.

All the creature could say is, “I am god, I am supreme, all bow down to me.” But, no one was around to listen or to respond. In death, its kesdjan body was as blind as in life.

At random moments, the cave walls are transformed into mirrors and the creature sees itself as it truly is, a misshaped, ugly beast and reminded of how it had lived its life. For a short moment, the creature is forced to realize that it has become what it is by its own actions and feel the pain it inflicted upon those it hurt in its earthly life. In one last moment of full clarity, it hears the universe laughing at the ugly creature it truly is and realizes it will be so until the end of time and then it shall be exterminated as the vermin it has become.

Gabriel said, “Egoism is not the best path in life, I would say. Do you know there are thousands upon thousands of such creatures in this hell?”

Sophie, realizing the gravity of the situation, buried her face in Gabriel’s chest, “Gabriel, please take me to somewhere pleasant. I can hardly get a breath in here.”

Gabriel whisked them off to a nice meadow in another part of the astral.


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