EsoHomilies: The Making of A True Soul (11)

The Why of Man’s Existence (11)-The Persona Menagerie (2)

“Correct, young sir. What else do you understand,” asked Tristan?

“I am guessing that the ‘similar feeling of being present and existing’ generated by the ergoegotic operator stems from the fact that there is the one body being occupied by all the personas and so the feeling is one of unity and not diversity,” replied Michael.

“Your guess is an accurate one, as far as the body is involved. However, you have ignored one additional piece of information in our demonstration set up. For the projector to work, I had to plug its cord into a wall outlet so electrical energy was available to run its motors and bulb. I will explain.

“The imago and ergoegotic operators are neurological exaptations arising from natural selection and an inherent aphysical driver toward more neurologically complex entities. This means that the reality we inhabit, psychoistically, is the virtual mental world reconstructed by the imago operator from sensory data, actual or in memory. In other words, we all exist in a dream world, awake or asleep. Call it the astral, if you like.

“A majority of the energy required to operate the projector is metabolic, but there is another kind of energy present. This later energy cannot be measured or observed by physical or psychical instruments, but derives from the upper world above the astral worlds. In truth, a linkage exists between the ergoegotic operator and True Conscience, which resides only in the upper world This energy is activated whenever a person finds himself or herself in a situation involving an action which must be decided under the laws of True Conscience. Moreover, a proper persona must be active at the same time. Such personas, we call deputy stewards, for they were introjected into the child when he or she was exposed to altruistic people. Michael, I imagine that you introjected the persona of ‘Robin Hood’ into your psyche and this persona is one of your deputy stewards.”

“Tristan, how does this work?”

“The key to refining ones personality is to allow a deputy steward to occupy the ergoegotic operator more and more often whenever a serious ‘yes – no’ situation arises. For the more deputy stewards are utilized and energized, the stronger each becomes. Given much effort, the deputy stewards eventually fuse into a single steward who eventually evolves into our Holy Self and is permanently connected to something called true or real ‘I..’ True ‘I’ does not reside in the human or kesdjan bodies, but only in the higher world. I will tell you more of true ‘I’ when you are older, dear child.

“So, in conclusion, your esoteric goal is to unify the personas you have introjected until you have only one Steward as this allows you to grow a Higher Being Body or Perfected Soul in the upper worlds. This way you are able to reincarnate so to evolve consciously until you become a permanent and individualized Soul, or Man # 5 as our dear friend Gurdjieff categorized human beings, and move even higher. The tricky part of incarnation is that one always must begin over with many personas and reduce them to Steward. It does get easier with practice.

“The good news is that a Man # 5, 6, and 7 may lend some of his or her upper world energy to Men # 4 so that they may reincarnate until they have stabilized their own Higher Being Body seed. However, such help is never guaranteed.”

“But, Tristan, you have not told me the details of the work I must do to be Robin Hood.”

“Sorry. I will explain. As you go about daily life, the combination of your immediate environment and your mood state, activates pre-programmed responses. I taught you that you are a biological machine whose functioning is solely determined by ‘SERPA,’ or ‘stimulus- driven evaluation with activation of response patterned actions?’ However, whenever a SERPA appears which is capable of potentially creating a feeling of remorse within your heart, i.e., because a ray of the light of True Conscience has entered into the mind and a deputy steward at the same time, you become conscious that you can choose to allow the SERPA to proceed or you can consciously veto it at the last moment as being contrary to True Conscience. Every time, you succeed in a veto you enhance the conduit between your ergoegotic operator and True Conscience.

“Conscious vetoing is the first activity useful for making a Soul, Michael. So remember those situations which stimulated you to feel ‘remorse’ when a SERPA was allowed to act. Do not blame self, for no self is present to blame. It is only mechanics. But, remorse is the sign that we are connected to something much higher than we understand,” finished Tristan.


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