EsoHomilies: The Making of A True Soul (10)

The Why of Man’s Existence (10)-The Persona Menagerie

Nov 10, 2016

The next morning everyone could not stop discussing the evening Magick extravaganza provided by Morgana and Merlin. Both happily answered every question and even explained why Magick is a very rare phenomenon in the material world.

After allowing the questions to be answered, Tristan outlined the teaching activity for the day. He began, “I think everyone is prepared for a special event designed by your three instructors. We shall take you back in time so you will share in the actual experience of some teachings I provided to your benefactor Michael, when he was a young lad in a prior incarnation in another part of this universe. It was long ago in your years, but to me it seems as yesterday. Michael is very clever, has a warrior spirit, and is rather detached to his life circumstances. Over the millennium, he has become well-loved by Gabriel and myself.

“The subject matter being presented, concerns the relationship between the psychic personality arising from the neural processing of the human brain, which we denote as the psychic, human, or organic personality. We also call this neurologically-dependent personality the astral, empyreal, or kesdjan body or self. So everyone sit-up straight in your chair, soles flat upon the ground, and hands palm down resting comfortably upon your laps.

Tristan waited for everyone to get comfortable. He told everyone to take in a deep breath and hold it until he began intoning a short sentence in Enochian, at which they should smoothly exhale. Soon everyone was in a deep state of hypnotic trance.

“Imagine that your kesdjan body is rising out of your body and passing through the ceiling of the library and coming to rest some 10 meters above the top of Merlin’s mountain. Just wait patiently until all of us are together in a group. Just nod your head ‘yes’ when you are together with all of your friends and above Merlin’s Crystal Cave. When everyone is together, the three of us will appear just above you. You will find that you can follow my instructions using your psychic hearing. However, hearing psychically is curious for you will not hear any words, but you will know what I need for you to do. So follow me back in time and space to the day I told you about. Michael will not perceive your presence for we are actually only accessing the Akashic Records.”

Soon they found themselves in another chamber with a small curly-haired boy and Tristan. Tristan was talking to the boy and here is what transpired.

“Michael, I transported your kesdjan body here so that I could explain to you the differences between the neurologically generated human personality, which humans mistakenly call ‘I’ and what the enlightened knows as true, or real, ‘I.’ To help you, I brought a white screen, a slide projector, and several trays holding various slides. As we proceed, all will make good sense to you, my boy.”

Michael replied, “OK, may I seat down during the slide show?”

Tristan laughed, for this little boy was quite funny. He waved his hand and two chairs appeared and they sat down.

“Michael, as you have already learned, as a baby grows up it is exposed to many varieties of people and depending upon many factors, the child resonates with some and not with others. By the time the child reaches responsible age, he or she has formed and introjected into his or her memory many of the roles played by such persons. Each introjected role forms a pattern in memory which can be reconstructed under particular circumstances. We call these patterns, personas. Understand?”

Michael nodded yes, saying, “Tristan, I imagine that the slides in each tray represent the different kinds of personas people possess? But, how do personas appear?”.

Tristan continued, “Clever Boy. This is why I brought the slide projector. For when I plug its electrical cord into an outlet, the projector turns on and is able to project a bright light through whichever slide is in the proper slot and a persona will appear on the screen. Watch.”

Tristan turned the projector on and set the projector to automatically change every 3 – 8 seconds to a new slide, the choice of slide being randomly selected. Tristan and Michael watched the screen for a minute or two. Then, Tristan turned the projector off, saying, “The reason that I programmed the projector to randomly select a new slide after a variable period between 3 – 8 seconds was to show you that the personas people ‘wear’ during a day are many and that normal persons do not have a unified personality, one persona, but a personality consisting of many different roles to be played. Understand?”

Michael responded, “I understand, Tristan. Normally, people are not in control of which persona is active, as such arises habitually depending upon the social and geographic environment. I have noticed this in myself and others, already. But, why does it feel like we have only one persona, when in truth, we have many?”

Tristan replied, “Remember, that none of the patterns contained upon any of the slides appeared upon the screen, until the projector was turned on so to pass light through the slide so to cast the image upon the screen. Our human brains act like the projector. When a proper stimulus is received, the imago operators of the brain reconstruct each persona and project such images so that the body and mind assume the qualities of such persona. The name of the operator responsible for bringing it into ‘temporary mental life’ is called the ‘ergoegotic’ operator. ‘Ergo’ for work and ‘Ego’ for the feeling of being present and existing in the here-and-now. Translated, this term refers to the neural apparatus capable of endowing ‘awareness of existing’ into whatever persona is functioning or working in the brain at that moment of time.”

Michael replied, “I get it. The ergoegotic operator produces the same feeling of being present and existing in the body and so each persona feels as if it is the only ego state existing. Well, presuming that different categories of personas do not recognize the existence of others. Therefore, we all think we have one personality and one persona, which is not a proper understanding.”


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