EsoHomilies: The Making of A True Soul (6)

The Why of Man’s Existence (6)

Nov 5 , 2016

After all were seated, the dinner menu appeared before each guest. It read as follows:

Course 1: Cold muskmelon soup with ginger crackers
Course 2: Butter sauteed ocean Sole
Course 3: Pineapple and papaya slices
Course 4: Pot-roast of venison with organic carrots, brussel-sprouts, and potatoes
Course 5: Chocolate souffle with vanilla sauce, coffee or tea
Wine befitting the course.

Needless to say, all were delighted as the elementals started serving. Merlin said, “There will be no speaking during the eating of any of these delicious courses. I would like all of you to pay conscious attention either to the smell, taste, and texture of the food or to the motor actions involved in bringing the food to your mouth and chewing it. Alternate between the two choices as we move from one course to another. Moreover, any sensation, thought, or thought not involved with the two alternatives must be ignored. We will discuss this exercise after our meal is done. Now is a time to observe. How many of you think you can accomplish such a simple task?”

All of the visitors raised their hands. “How many think you will not succeed at all,” asked Merlin? Tristan, Morgana, Abelard, and Heloise raised their hands. “Time will tell which group is correct. Let us begin.”

After the last course, Merlin asked his honored guests to describe the mental difficulties arising making it near impossible to pay full and undivided attention to the mechanics of the body and experiencing the subtle smells and bursts of flavor. Sister Kathy was the first to speak, “Merlin, I found that I could not maintain my attention on simply chewing my food. Rather, I wanted to pay attention to how the food felt in my mouth and how it tasted. I liked the courses very much and so I wanted to enjoy the next one even more than the first one. When I realized I was not following the chore I chose, I felt ashamed because I was not doing what you so kindly asked me to do. Then, the negative self-talk began and my mind started thinking of when I was a little girl and so on.”

Merlin said, “Good observations, Kathy.” Merlin allowed the others to describe his or her observations and then summarized the experience for everyone.

“Although, each of you experienced different kinds of mental difficulties, the overall experience supports the metaphysical thesis that each of you has four egotic states, or psychic selves, living within your mind. One thinks and criticizes, one feels and determines likes and dislikes, one moves the body, and one determines whether something is pleasant or unpleasant, smells and tastes good or bad, and so on. Moreover, if you ponder what I just said, you will see that not only are these selves at odds with each, but seem to work independently of each other during the experiment.”

No one disagreed.

Merlin continued, “Notice how the thinking self criticized you for failure to pay attention. How the emotional self joined in so to make you feel inadequate and remind you of past failures–long dead in time. Truly, it can be said, “That the lights are on within your physical body, but the master, or real I, is not present. I am sure, Tristan will continue this subject in the future. Stop worrying, can’t move ahead until you realize where you truly are.”

After dinner was finished and the plates cleared, Tristan suggested moving to the library so he can speak more as to man’s duties and obligations as to the mundane and the spiritual worlds. Soon, everyone was comfortably seated in the library with their evening honey mead.

Brother George asked Tristan, “Rav, may I ask a question before we begin?”

“Of course, George, “I have forever and you all have sufficient time in this lifetime to finish the ancient Work I am discussing.”

The visitors looked at each other in amazement, as Tristan had just given the words longed for by every sincere seeker. Although, no one said a word, all knew that they must work more diligently and more wisely than before–that God needed their help also.

George asked, “I am a little confused as to the mystical meaning of the verb ‘to serve.’ Is it the same as the normal meaning when used in the expression ‘master and servant?’”

“What a good question, thank you very much, dear friend,” answered Tristan. Tristan continued, “Let, we begin with discussing how this verb is misused by mankind. For example, you all know the teaching tale about the Satan metaphor and how Satan was expelled from the heavenly astral worlds by the High One. His refusal to honor mankind, because he felt he was better than mankind led to a disruption in Heaven. Eventually, as the tale goes, a heavenly war ensued and Satan was defeated and fled to earth with one third of the heavenly host and became demons.”

“The Christians believe that Satan was an archangel, who in hindsight, possessed the capacity for self-determination. The Muslims believe that Satan, or Iblis, was actually a Djinn, a race of magical beings created by Allah previously. Allah brought Iblis to Heaven so to instruct him in the Godly life. Iblis revolted when Allah made man and was forced out of Heaven and swore to interfere in mankind fate. The later story being similar to earlier Zoroastrian Teachings. In either case, Satan and Iblis refused to honor God and wanted to be as God–the metaphysical explanation for the evolutionary arising of self-aggrandizement and egoism.”

“For Satan and Iblis, the verb ‘to serve’ was understood only in its form of ‘Master–slave.’ Where the slave served the Master under duress as the slave was less than the Master in all ways. Such position is resistant to change, as both possess the psychoistic need to be worshiped and made to feel important. In other words, both suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

Tristan continued, “Neither Satan nor Iblis understood that God does not ask us to serve Him, as slaves. In fact, God does not ask us to serve Him at all. What God asks is that we come to understand how we are ‘to serve’ as helpers and agents for finalizing His Creation for the good of all creatures. Much like the Knights of Table Round. They came and swore loyalty to Merlin and Arthur’s vision of a just and merciful England. Each setting out upon a personal quest to help forward Arthur’s divine vision. For each had an equal part to play in fulfilling such a unified destiny, where no man or woman was superior to another.”

Tristan turned his head looking directly at each visitor in the room. Each knew this look–for it would pierce into your very heart and your heart would skip several beats.

Tristan asked, “George, have I answered your question clearly enough?” George nodded yes.

“Tomorrow, I am going to tell you a short tale about what I just discussed. It will help everyone, I believe.”


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