Interlude: Abelard and Heloise

I did not have time to write the next portion of our journey and so place an interlude herein concerning my favorite subject–The Way of the Gallant Heart.  Cheers

Abelard and Heloise

Love sometimes comes upon us quickly,

sun peeking out from an opening in a cloudy sky.

Love sometimes comes more slowly,

new, red leaves emerging to dress the cherry tree in spring.

Love comes in its own good time,

bringing closeness of heart and warm insides.

When Love comes into you,

whispering sweet promises,

ignore not its tender melodies,

two hearts beating in unison,

two bodies joined into one,

but, be brave,

taking your lovers hand in yours,

give all of yourself to him,

as he gives his self to you,

for in Love there is only the One.

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