EsoHomilies: The Making Of A True Soul (4)

The Why Of Man’s Existence (4)

Nov 2, 2016

Abelard rose from his seat saying, “First, we are the Abelard and Heloise of history and much of what is recorded is relatively accurate. And it is absolutely true that our love for each other grew so strong that it did reach into the Unconditional Love of Our Common Father. Our love brought us into the Dreamtime as permanent individuals. Curiously, it was Sir Tristan who helped orchestrate the transfer of our conscious soul-personalities and acclimated us to these planes. We met Morgana many centuries back and she and Tristan are as essence sister and brother to us both. Right, honey?” Heloise nodded shyly and reached over to rub Morgana’s belly.

“We came to help Tristan explain the rationale of man’s existence. And to begin, we have asked Merlin to take us back in Maiden Time so to gaze upon some of the very first life forms existing at the end of the Proterozoic Age and the beginning of the early Paleolithic Period some 540 million years time past. Don’t worry. We shall all be safe in Merlin’s Magick.”

So Merlin asked everyone to hold hands and made a short incantation and everyone found himself or herself sitting on glass benches in a magic glass cylinder near the bottom of a hydrothermal vent on the sea’s bottom. Above the vent shone a great white light which lite up the sea floor.

The visitors were too shocked to say anything. Not dear Heloise, she said, “Dears, I want to you to focus on the rather drab sea floor for you will see many different kinds of ‘wormies’ and even some ‘crabies.’  These will be important later. Now, please put on the ‘Magick seeing glasses’ and adjust them so you will see many little ‘beasties’ hidden in the water.” Everyone adjusted his or her glasses until they saw the water teeming with microorganisms, or Heloise’s little beasties.

“If you watch carefully you will see that the little beasties are feeding on chemicals dissolved in the sea water and metabolize such for motion and division. In other words, the chemicals are food needed so to create mechanical energies so to live and procreate. No chemicals, no food; no food, no beasties. Really simple, eh? So we can say that the food needs of the little beasties are satisfied by the chemicals in the sea water around the hot event.”

“In other words, the ocean, the chemicals in the water, and the little beasties are a closely-linked, a far from equilibrium thermodynamic system. I have no idea what this really means, but Tristan said it was how modern people speak of such matters.”

Everyone had a good laugh.

“So if you adjust your glasses you will see that the little beasties are eaten by bigger beasties who are eaten by large beasties and so on, showing that the end of each couplet is the beginning food for the next. Therefore, each creature exists as there are simpler creatures upon which it can feed. We can honestly say that the reason the trilobite (highest life form at this age of the Earth) exists is because it has something lower to eat.”

Merlin added, “It is similar to Magick in many ways. Magick was developed by the first ones, as they found that spells, incantations, and thoughts useful for satisfying various kinds of needs which they perceived in the outer or felt in the inner. Truly, Magick exists because it served to appease various needs deemed important.”

“The conjunction of specific needs with specific methods for satisfying such needs is universal and can be seen everywhere one looks. Each species serving as food for another. Taken in its totality, biologists call this the universal food chain extending from microbes to mankind. Eventually, the human body stops functioning, decay sets in, and it is digested by insects and microbes as food,” introjected Tristan.

Jeffery asked a question, “Tristan, I can follow your argument as far as the physical world and its bodies are concerned. After all, it is no different from the adage, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust. But, human beings seem to possess a nonphysical being or an awareness of a mental world. I think you call this the Dreamtime. Michael has explained such to me many times and in different ways. Michael has presented an excellent argument as to why we are not given souls, but must earn them by our own efforts. I imagine you agree with him?”

Tristan smiled, replying, “Jeffery, good question as it leads into what I was about to explain. I would like to add for everyone’s benefit, Michael is a good person to pay attention to when he writes or speaks. He is quite radical in this thinking, sometimes harsh, and is not so tolerant of sloppy thinking based on unproven authority. He will swear that he does not care in the least about anyone, including, himself, but, his hand is often the first to reach out when you sincerely ask for assistance.”

“Moreover, asking such question, in advance, is a good sign of personal progress in your Order. Forever, be a wise walking question mark.”

“While, it is irrefutable that every nonhuman species serves as food for other species, so to promote physical survival and procreation, be such simple or more complex in expression, is it fair to inquire as to whether or not mankind serves as physical food for some unknown higher life form? I say the answer is theoretically yes, but as man is the most adaptive species on earth, is pragmatically negative. For man has prevented the appearance of any higher life form capable of devouring him or her (putting cannibalism aside as a major food industry),” taught Tristan. “I think we will continue this line of reasoning later.”

Morgana added, “Merlin, may we return to our home, my back is beginning to hurt and Eleanor is kicking like a frog fighting off a bird?” Merlin smiled and everyone was back home in the Library no worse for the trip.


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