EsoHomilies: The Making Of A True Soul (3)

The Why Of Man’s Existence (3)

All Saints’ Day 2016

The next morning everyone arrived promptly at the breakfast table as each had been awakened by one of the resident elementals. Soon, food began to appear on the table top and everyone was busy eating. There was hot spiced apple juice to drink, white pancakes, white elder (chicken chunks cooked in soup stock), soft-boiled eggs, Saxon bacon, nut tarts (small pastries with almond milk custard), rose pottage (almond milk flavored with ground rose petals sprinkled with sugar), oat and rye gruel with raisins and currents, and a treat made with almond milk flavored with ground ginger and pistachio nuts, thickened with flour.

After everyone had finished breakfast, the leftover food, plates, and cups were removed and the kitchen quickly was clean and fresh. Merlin looked at his table guests and began, “Now that you are well rested and well stuffed, I believe it prudent to return to our library with its toasty and soothing fireplace.”

Everyone arose from their benches and all said “Thank you” to the invisible elementals. Though, invisible, if one listens very carefully with the inner ears, one can hear them laughing and chatting while they work

As the guests entered into passage leading to the library, they stopped, as they noticed a most comely couple. Both seemed to be about the same ages as Morgan and Tristan, though age is a tricky matter in the Dreamtime. They were dressed in the manner of the courtly lords and ladies of the 13th century typical of the Duchy of Aquitaine. The man was reading from a small book of French poetry. Surrounding both lord and lady was a faint, soft light.

Everyone was mesmerized by the ambiance within the library. The young lord placed his book upon the table and lifted his lady’s chin and brought his lips to hers. When their lips touched, the light grew brighter and a rainbow appeared above their heads. This kiss seemed to last forever.

Finally, Morgana broke the silence and mystery. “Come children, you must meet my dear essence friends, Abelard and Heloise.” Morgana went up to Heloise and kissed her on both cheeks and then so kissed Abelard. Holding both of their hands in hers, she announced, “Children, these are two of my dearest friends existing in the Dreamtime. Everyone, this is Lady Heloise and this is Lord Abelard. Please bow or curtsy to them.”

And so everyone bowed or curtsied, except Morgana as she was afraid she might fall over. Soon everyone was seated and with a cup of honey mead in front of them. The elementals made sure that each cup stayed full. It was one of old Merlin’s Rules. None wanted more latrine duty than necessary.

Merlin asked Abelard, “Dear boy, how did your play turn out? The play telling the story of the “Romance of the Rose Treasure.”

Turning to Merlin, Abelard replied, “Dear Merlin, the play was an incredible success. You do remember why the play was written and presented on the physical Earth?”

Merlin said, “That I do remember. Perhaps, you will tell the story to our guests. They are all members of one of the most important earthly esoteric schools. A school originally birthed in ancient KMT in the 20th century BCE. A school which will soon complete its long cycle–and so awaits a rebirth in a format and with more advanced teachings so to keep mankind from destroying itself and its beautiful world. For such destruction is not good for the Dreamtime.”

“One of the guests piped up, “Tristan, how could Abelard and Heloise be in a play that was to be performed upon earth in our future and so has not happened yet? How can it be a success before it is presented. This makes no sense at all.” The other guests nodded in agreement and moved slightly forward in their chairs.

Tristan and his friends all broke out in a very hearty laugh. They laughed so hard that each had tears in his or her eyes. Poor Morgana could hardly breathe. Tristan snapped his fingers and everyone became serious. Real Magick has its uses.

“Friends, your world is much more linear in time than is the Dreamtime. Here, it is possible for Morgana, Merlin, and me to return to King Arthur’s court, even though in your time Camelot no longer exists. And if we return, it automatically generates another time line for Camelot and a much different set of future possibilities. In some world lines, Arthur and his Knights still live and continue their quests, in others some of the Knights have died. The most interesting part is that when we visit, we assume the characters of ourselves in that time line which is confusing to the characters as it seems something magical has occurred. For instance, Morgana being good rather than bad.”

Tristan continued, “All I will tell you now is that the Great Order gave permission to several of its incarnating Initiates so to create and perform a Magical Play so to rejuvenate your earthly Order of the Rose and Cross. For every truly esoteric school is a phoenix who must cyclically build its own funeral pyre so to burn itself so to remove all the dross it collected over its Grand Cycle. For out of the cold ashes the phoenix will arise in her fullness and splendor so to become a new Sacred Vehicle for forwarding Omneity’s Plan. For your Order of the Rose and Cross is the Protector of the Meek and the Downtrodden, it carries God’s Banner of Wisdom and God’s Lamp of Compassion, and it must never die!

I will explain much more in the near future, but now we must allow Abelard and Heloise to provide information necessary for answering our two burning questions.


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