EsoHomilies: The Making Of A True Soul (1)

The Why Of Man’s Existence (1)

October 30, 2016

Today, we start a new series of metaphysical readings. I imagine it would be quite right to call such readings, ‘homilies’ intended for spiritual rarefaction (removing the dross from ones soul-personality). Rejoice, dear reader, for I am going to write as simply as I can for the subject matter follows a direct path to a workable answer.

In fact, I shall assume my true form, as Tristan, Lord Protector of Nouseum, and transport all of you deep into dreamtime where resides Camelot and Merlin’s crystal cave. If you have not heard of me, as yet, read the posts “The Purpose Journey.” It is a story containing this story.

If you like, imagine that I have placed you into a little leather boat, or a coracle, well known centuries before King Arthur and his Knights of Table Round. The stream you are riding upon travels from the highlands so to empty its pristine waters into Dozmary Pool in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, UK. Dozmary Pool is the legendary home of Elaine, Lady of the Lake. For the enchanted sword Excalibur arose from such lake and given to Arthur by Elaine.

Being that I am prone to kindness at times, for your task ahead truly is impossible, I will give to you a golden circlet to place around your arm. This circlet will start to ring so to warn you that the path you tread will lead to nothing useful and so you must choose another or die without having made a soul. I know this path and I would give you more, but the old gods would have my soul, if I did anymore.

Child, if you choose to begin this quest, you must train so to become a warrior, a Knight of Table Round, male and female, or you shall fail and never be again. For upon your journey you will have many opportunities so to grow your soul-seed into a soul, a soul fit to be the scabbard for Sword Excalibur. For only a True Knight who has recovered Sword Excalibur can wield Sword Excalibur in Our Common Father’s Holy Name. God-speed aspirant.

I see the old gods are feasting and so not paying much attention, as usual, so I can place one more fact into your conscious heart. Sword Excalibur represents your finalized Will–a will fully resonant with the Divine Will of the One True God.

Soon you shall arrive at the shores of the Lake and it is a short and pleasant stroll to Merlin’s cave. A little gnome will meet you and guide you to the cave where all of us await in Merlin’s library so to begin our homily.

Soon, everyone was seated in Merlin’s library facing myself, my beloved pregnant wife, Morgana, and a white bearded, bright-eyed, old codger, Merlin. It is safe to drink the honey mead on your armrest table–it will clear your mind and tastes wonderful. Sip and do not gulp–Merlin’s elementals are very strict as to manners.

The question, we shall consider for the next few readings, is “The Why Of Man’s Existence.” A general question, indeed, but linked to a more personal question, “The Why Of Your Personal Existence?” Entertaining either question (in your past pondering) is reliable evidence that you have awoken to, and acknowledged, the presence of an aphysical something hidden in your mind which is more precious than anything other thing in your mundane life–your physical and empyreal bodies, your self-centered ego-states, petty desires for sex, wealth, fame, and power.

In other words, you were sufficiently lucky to have succeeded in catching a ‘glimpse’ of the soul-seed provided to you by the Upper Worlds. I have talked about the concept of the soul-seed in many past readings and direct you to search for them. I said this series would be simple to digest, but I did not say you can be lazy.

Unfortunately, coming to the realization of the existence of something within which feels to be the ‘pearl beyond any price,’ is but the beginning point from which we must consciously choose to take our first step. It is impossible to look ahead for any guidance or surety of arriving at the destination as spiritual journeys are uncertain, though, others have shown us that such journeys continue beyond Maid Time herself, involve sacrifice of all that we possess and have earned, and we shall be despised, hated, and defamed by those who will resist us. After all, if you do not possess the inner fire and the warrior heart to finish the spiritual journey upon this sorry earth, how do you suppose you can enter into Eternity and Beyond?


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