EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (4)

EsoBites: Neo-Esotericism and Deep Rosicrucian Analyses (4)

October 29, 2016

The Hidden Paths of Non-Seeking and Non-Enlightenment (4)

I will now introduce you to The Curious Law of the Strange Mirror by providing it’s proper and officially descriptive name: The Curious Law of inverting all existential objects and concepts: upside-down, inside-out, left onto right, then into now, seen into not seen, positive vibrations into negative ones, and every other kind of parity operation you can imagine. Studying the proper description shows why the neo-esotericists call this consciously-intended, non-observational process, a Strange Mirror. And a most strange mirror, it beest.

Whenever a neo-esotericist works with applying the Law of the Strange Mirror, he or she initiates a supramental process so to open psychic access to hidden (nonexistent to us), potential, twin worlds in which everything is inverse and obverse to the other. For instance, in one twin-world, a potential electron has negative mass, positive charge, and opposing spin to its polar being sister having positive mass and negative spin. While time runs forward for us, it runs backwards for the twin, but the two worlds are NEVER out of sync.

The reason we cannot see such worlds, given our biased spatial and temporal dimensions, is that both the negative and the positive valence twin entities are fully 90 degrees rotated to each other and from our existential world. In fact, the appearance of our own world is dependent upon the interaction of these two worlds. Such interaction being mathematically modeled by two complementary wave functions which produce an actualization at a rather constant rate, much shorter than is measurable in the physical. We would call the twins, mathematically imaginary worlds.

Even more curiously, there is not just one twin pair, but an uncountable number of potential twin pairs all moving forward in their time. In other words, the twin worlds consist of two great ensembles of systems comprising all possible states that can actualize at the next moment of world time, some highly probable and some nearly impossible. Every time the rest clock of the Universe passes through a set period of time, one of the ensemble possibilities manifests in the psychophysical world we live within and we can experience it.

I am doing my best to avoid mathematics. However, I can tell you that the stochastic models used in Statistical Mechanics, though simplified, are correspondent to those I am discussing. I do hope my little brother, Kenny, will expand this argument one day when he can find the time!

The closest Quantum Mechanical model is the Everett-Dewitt many worlds model of non-collapse of the wave function–though, I find it only approximately useful. Worth reading for sure.

The reason that the Curious Law of the Strange Mirror is important is that we are unable to mentally affect which potentials will actualize shortly or later in the psychophysical world using the physical directly. The lower laws being inviolate.

The successes claimed by various practitioners and occultists claiming psychic powers which allow them to violate God’s physical laws is unproven at best. Moreover, when such events do happen, they are unknowingly done using the Curious Law of the Strange Mirror.

The surest method of intervention is to raise ones consciousness so to participate in one of the ensemble systems–which is nonexistent and can only be experienced using ones’ nonexistent sides, so to speak, so to place into the ensemble system an intention to unfold differently such that a more desirable event actualizes.

I am sorry this is so brief and so heady, but it is good for you to be shown such Law and how it is used. I imagine I have generated at least one internal inconsistency in my rush. Therefore, those who are interested may continue the study with our group and see what comes to pass.

I do want to gift you two most important ‘take-home messages,’ for the Curious Law of the Strange Mirror can be applied at many levels and in many circumstances. These are to be used now, the full Law will manifest later in time.

The first message is that the fundamental principle behind the Law is that your personal and group virtual realities, with their biases and beliefs, are NOT what you believe them to be. The actuality upon which your imago operators base the generation of your virtual perceptions and understanding is inverse and obverse to your virtual reality–for truly, your reality is inside-out, upside-down, left onto right . . . to what is actual. Remembering to apply the Curious Law will help you to awaken more intensely and more frequently. Stimulating belief, contrary to reason, is the most dangerous tool available to the Deceiver.

The second message is that new esoteric truths seep slowly and piecemeal into the world mind, as information tidbits provided by working Initiates. This is necessary as the foundation corpus must already exist within creation and be available whenever the Divine sends an Avatar. Avatars do not create new philosophies and religions, de novo, rather they use available information so to create a new way of thinking, feeling, and living. Moreover, Avatars must arrive at the proper time and place if the mission is too manifest.

So dear friends, we shall return to shallower seas and less dense jungles. For both locals are rich with nourishment and gifts for those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and have been taught how to forage and hunt.

Ciao, Michael

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