EsoBites: Real I: The Master Within (5)

October 10, 2016

Understanding the Concept of the Master Within (A)

I have observed much confusion amongst teachers and students as to the true esoteric meaning of the term, “the Master Within.” My heart trembles much for I fear that such misunderstanding, as to the nature and significance of the Master Within, is leading many seekers away from the Upper Worlds closest to God.

Instead, confusion (the words of the Deceiver) turns the heart’s desire away from the Noble Organ and onto ruin and damnation in the demonic astral planes–without hope of future lives and opportunities. Each lost soul-seed being matched by another sad tear in the eyes of the guardian angels. For the angels understand how much extra suffering the remaining Seekers of the Most High must experience so to compensate for such loss.

For the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve, scarce in numbers in any generation, are the real Teachers of those few Pre-Adamic men and women ready for the Word Unveiled. Even more importantly, these righteous and completed Individuals Work to “eat the sins of mankind” so that Pre-Adamic man will not become extinct and unnecessary for Creation. Without the Work of just men and women, the demonic portion of the Middle World would eventually encompass Der Übergeist and perhaps infect the Upper Worlds. They prevent such a catastrophe by “eating the sins of the astral” so to maintain the balance.

Gaining a clear understanding of the concept of the Adamic Teachers as “instructors and sin eaters” will open your heart to the Noble Organ, like a Rose beginning to open to be kissed by Aten’s rays.

For the secret to understanding the Substance and Work of the Christ is found in a freshly opened Rose of Upper World fragrance. For the Rose is not one Rose, but a bouquet of Roses, a group of the just who volunteered to Teach and Suffer for Mankind, as they Greatest of them did once long ago. Each Rose burning with a Flame of the Comforter so to light the Path to God.

Now you may understand the true reason the angels prostrated themselves before Adam. It had nothing to do with “Naming as a Name” and everything to do with “accepting responsibility for all the creatures in Creation.”

Confusion is never wholesome nor useful in matters of the mundane and the spiritual path. For confusion hides from our sight the Lamp of Awakening, the Lamp attracting us into our innermost heart so to taste the honey of the Noble Organ. Confusion is synonymous with muddled thinking and fantasy. Today, the deceiver and his agents prefer the early 20th century term, “spin.” And being spun is an accurate term for we are being turned away from the God of our hearts and realization and towards Mammon and Satan,
Confusion, or delusion, is one of the Three Root Causes of suffering–confusion about truth, desire to own and possess, and desire to harm others. My terms are somewhat different from Lord Buddha. But, such is of no importance.

I shall do my very best today, striving to do more than what I believe I am capable of doing. If I succeed, credit is due to the Noble Organ (or the Comforter in Christian theology). I shall be brief, as much of what I am about to discuss has been adequately covered in my earlier series.

Āman as the Master Within

I find the most common view of the Master Within presumes that inside, or directly connected to, each man and woman of normal intelligence exits an aphysical entity of very high development. Such entity being wise in all earthly matters, compassionate, and a denizen of a more Godly World.

I posit that the concept of a Master Within arose in the Indus Valley after the endogenous civilization was incorporated by the nomadic Aryan warriors/cattle herders arriving from the Caucus Mountain regions of Russia. Such incorporation requiring additions to the set of teaching comprising the Aryan Vedas.

Atman is said to comprise the immortal/aphysical aspect of mortal existence. Atman is the One Eternal Self, the Supreme Awareness and Being, the One Soul, which chooses to be hidden in every entity within creation. Atman is Brahman Itself, the very Self which descends into the elements of Nature through assumption and dwelling within an entity. Atman participates personally in the play called life. Atman imparts to each particular creature divine qualities and possibilities by providing awareness. Atman enters into its play so to experience the pains and pleasures of earthly life so to awaken once again as Atman.

However, bound by the senses and limited by the egoism and the pleasures and suffering of life, each soul fragment, or jiva, forgets that it is Atman. A fit analogy is a person who travels to a distant land under a magical spell and forgets his roots, identity, and homeland.

When one is deeply identified with the world, one neglects looking within for something which is wise and unchanging. Being a physical creature bound to the external world, with no strong incentive to look within, is designed into the play.

However, Atman did place within each human creature a small remember of how things actually are in truth. When one finds such remembrance he or she begins to desire to find the Self Sufficient Lord. Thus, he or she looks away from the external world so to see the One Self within us. This Self is the silent partner in all our deeds and experiences, the observer and the indweller.

The psychoistic ego is no more than a reflection of Atman, a false personality, which assumes the lordship and ownership of the mind and body, and as a mere reflection, is an illusion and a mental projection, born out of sensory experiences and the accumulation of memories and thoughts. While, in truth, Atman is the Actuality, is permanent, and is Bliss, ego is illusion, impermanence and suffering.

The ego of a living being is soaked in ignorance and gloom and needs to be rescued from eternal doom and damnation by the indwelling Atman. The Katha Upanishad explains the relative position of the two selves in this manner, “There are two selves, the separate ego and the indivisible Atman. When one raises above I, me and mine, the Atman reveals Itself as the real Self.”

Personally, I find the concept that the Absolute Totality is nothing more than the desire of One Eternal Soul to entertain Itself by dividing into smaller fragments possessing conscious awareness and being trapped in the material realm without any redeeming value. For the only way to awaken is via suffering of a sleeping creature. Moreover, that a Supreme Being would do such to Itself is most masochistic. I say, this theory is phooey! Bah humbug!

Tomorrow, I continue.

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