EsoBites: Real I: Self-Made or Pre-Existent (3)

EsoBites: Real I: Self-Made or Pre-Existent (3)

October 8, 2016

Experiential Evolution of an Individual Soul (A)

I find the esoteric dharma postulating that the universe, in its fullness, serves a distinct Purpose useful for the attainment of one particular Aim, or End State, is absolutely compelling. In other words, the coming into Existence of a material universe which is adiabatically expanding in three of the ten available spatial dimensions (isolated system cooling without the transfer of heat externally) so to manifest all the Necessary Laws of Physical Nature. Such preparation necessary for the potential emergence of sensitive, adaptive, cellular life forms, under the pressures and uncertainties of biological evolution, eventually manifest a new kind of bioapparatus, creature, or being capable of a small and necessary modicum of “free choice” and possessing a “theory of minds.”

This Purpose works via multilevel contingencies and uncertainties in the Grand Hope of arriving someday in a fully conscious and unified state founded upon Unconditional Love and Understanding. In other words, mankind (and other four brain creatures in unknown parts of our universe) exist so to bring the entire universe to conscious life as a meta-Being who is both One and Many.

However, such success is not guaranteed in any universe as the laws of nature are not absolute, but are stochastic at the most fundamental level as established by quantum mechanics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Moreover, some neurophysicists hypothesize that quantum uncertainty may apply to synapses (chemical transmission between neurons) so to disrupt the classical probability of neural transmission such that some decisions are opposed to what was automatic or even intentional.

Even ignoring quantum mechanical uncertainty, it is impossible to accurately predict the outcome of even simple mechanical systems, such the final position and orientation of a billiard ball after multiple collisions with the felt cushions. For every collision of the billiard ball introduces a small and incalculable deviation compared to a classical and perfect kinetic system. Such errors rapidly accumulating so to defy classical prediction (such systems are known as chaotic).

Even more problematic, is predicting the changing state of what are called “far from equilibrium systems.” Such systems interact with the environment using negative and positive feedback and so small perturbations can result in very large and unpredictable end points.

The problem of predictive uncertainty grows unbelievably more unwieldy as we progress to simple living creatures and onto human beings. Humans are unimaginably complex as each feels that he or she is an independent creature with cognitions, emotions, and appetitive desires. Humans may be truthful or not, deceptive or cooperate. Regardless of our personal familiarity with an individual obtained from close observation over a lengthy time periods, he or she often behaves outside of our stochastic predictions.

Therefore, in a psychophysical world filled with partially conscious creatures having the potential to choose and make efforts to manifest future behaviors arising from competing thoughts, feelings, and drives (who are actually quite irrational) creates a universal uncertainty as to future outcomes.

In other words, we live in a universe which is unpredictable as to outcome, even with the most holy intentions, and we live in a world intrinsically perilous, hazardous, and dangerous. Moreover, what happens has true meaning and universal significance for it reads upon the 5Q+1 of God, Divine Values.

Dismal, eh?

Not really. If there were no uncertainty, no peril, no hazard, no danger in our universe, it would not be so precious and rich. For without true uncertainty arising in nature and from human activity, there would be no method for the Divine to act within the psychomaterial worlds. For the Prime Directive of Creation forbids God to directly intervene in the Universe for such violates the Laws of creation and maintenance for the Universe God originally placed into said Universe–including, uncertainty and an uncountable number of possible paths for energy to distribute itself from the temporal beginning to the physical end.

So how can God interact with God’s Creation so not to disrupt and destroy it? God must act via an agent who possesses a modicum of conscious awareness–that is, the creature knows that it knows, it feels separated from all that is not associated with its body, has competing desires, is selfish and altruistic, stingy and generous, and realizes that something is wrong with his species and the world.

In a real sense, the decisional fallibility of such an agent under contingent conditions (the outcome cannot be predicted), coupled with a true desire to love at the highest level of understanding, adds new perturbations disrupting the general evolutionary direction followed under the the laws of nature. One can call such perturbation, “conscious intervention.”

I will continue tomorrow, God willing. However, I want to emphasize one most important conclusion which naturally follows my line of argument. God can only act in our universe if His agent is capable of making errors and then recovering from them so to be wiser next time. An agent cannot be perfect, but must be imperfect.

This is the true reason why God did not give monadic sparks of Himself to mankind, for then mankind would be perfect. By giving us a soul-seed to develop, which must be an individual choice made consciously), we can choose to forward Omneity’s Grand Plan as the Demiurge, Sophia, or Mistress Nature cannot do it by Herself. Brilliant plan by God. Competing uncertainty to led to the optimal outcome by allowing more possibilities–maybe!

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