Understanding the 108 yr Cycle (4)

IV.  The True Phoenix

I believe this is the last segment for Understanding the 108 year Cycle for our Holy Fraternity.  I have done what was requested and I can do no more than continue with my portion of the esoteric-exoteric work necessary to resurrect the Great Phoenix of our Holy Fraternity.  The rest is up to each of you.  God Bless.

If these Ancient Teachings fail to awaken our members from their sleep, then the Flame that our Holy Fraternity has tended and grown for nearly four millennium, a Flame added to the Eternal Flame of God’s Great Lantern of Light, Life, and Love Eternal may diminish or even extinguish as far as the Order is concerned.

It is my deepest wish and prayer that our Fratres and Sorores take heed of these most ancient Teachings and apply the Rosicrucian Principles so to assure that our Beloved Golden-Red Phoenix again rises triumphantly from its funeral pyre so to continue to serve as a Working Lamp for our wayward human family.

I refer you to the chart enclosed with this discourse.     


This chart represents the External and Internal Work Periods of the Great White Brotherhood (GWB) in the world using our Holy Fraternity on earth. The dates shown represent the beginning of our Holy Fraternity in Egypt in 1979 BCE (before the Common Era).

The cycle designation for each External-Internal Work Period is shown, with the first period numbered zero and the last External-Internal Cycle, the Decagradus, numbered 9 = 0.  See discourse three of this series.

A Decagradus is defined as those years comprising nine full cycles (1944 years) plus 216 years (the normal period of time comprising a full cycle. The sum equaling 2160 years, or the mean time required for the Equinoxes to Precess through one Zodiac Sign.

Whenever a current Decagradus subinterval nears its silent period ( ~ 80 years after beginning), the Order slowly enters into a progress of cleansing and pruning itself in preparation for a new world situation. Many unworthy aspirants choose to leave the Order, the resultant effect being a brightening of the Order’s Flame of Light, Life, and Love Eternal. Often, some decades before the end of the current External Work Period, something unexpected causes a major and lingering disruption of the existing earthly school helping in the cleansing and purging.

Contrary to normal External-Internal Work Cycles, the Order does not close at the start of the cosmically mandated Internal Work Period during a Decagradus Interval. Rather, the Order remains active in the physical world so to serve the remaining members and attract a new crop of strong aspirants. This period is unique as the Order enters into a transformational period of Purification, Reformation, and Resurrection.

During this period the Order burns away all unnecessary Teachings and Exercises so to address the needs of a new world condition. The most fit analogy is found in the story of the death and regeneration of the winged Phoenix every 2160 years. This mythical creature (an allegory for the Order) builds its own funeral pyre with every precessional change of the ruling Zodiacal Sign (varies as to Signs, but averages 2160 years) and resurrects itself in a renewed and stronger form.

The Order survived and prospered during its First Decagradus, as its membership, though small in number, was comprised of highly awakened members who strengthened the existing Egregore so the Phoenix period would be safely traversed (108 years). If we are too survive, the existing membership must not be apathetic or negative, but proactive and positive.

This is why all of us need to wish and visualize a renewed and strengthened our Holy Fraternity.

A Sacred Image has been created for the focusing our combined Light, Life, and Love upon the Purification, Reformation, and Resurrection pyre of our beloved Phoenix.  This Sacred Image shall be revealed before our members in September 29 to October 1, 2017, in Boston, MA.

You are the life of our Holy Fraternity!

In the Bonds of our Order, your humble servant, Michael

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