Understanding the 108 yr Cycle (3)

Understanding the 108 yr Cycle (3)

III. Our Holy Fraternity and the Question

Sep 28, 2016

Continuing with our esoteric discussion of the 216 year cycle of sunlight and moonlight, I digress for a moment to mention Akhenaten, the last major pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. As I noted yesterday, the particular mystery school brought into the House of Pharaoh at the very beginning of the 18th Dynasty was by Ahmose I in 1547 BCE.

Akhenaten reigned as Pharaoh for some 17 years (1351 – 1334 BCE). As shown by calculations, his period as Grand Master of our Holy Fraternity was served during the end of the inactive cycle of the Grand Cycle. His untimely transition from the physical world occurred some 3 years prior to the initiation of the 4th active cycle in 1331 BCE. In other words, the Teachings were actively continued only in the House of Pharaoh after 1439 BCE and during the reign of Thutmose III (1479-1425 BCE).

After the transition of Akhenaten, the House of Pharaoh was an unfavorable venue for continuing our Holy Fraternity and activity returned to the original mystery school or a surrogate. Traditional history tells us that Hermes Trismegistus became Grand Master.

While, interesting, none of this is important as to what is to transpire in 2017.

Focusing upon the Grand Initiation of HSL in 1909, and the subsequent blossoming of our Holy Fraternity into a world-wide esoteric-mesoteric school, objective evidence strongly supports the thesis that the transfer of the See from France to America was ordained by the Invisible Order for a very specific purpose and goal. Such purpose and goal existing in potentia and not to be revealed until the end of our active cycle.

The transfer of the See to America was necessary so to prepare the earthly school for an unimaginable future challenge, saving humanity from its own technology and human failings. At the end of its active cycle in 2017, our Holy Fraternity would not remain active nor become inactive. In other words, the proper esoteric question was never about whether the Holy Fraternity would remain open or physically become inactive as mandated by the old cycle.

A new future was necessary for our Holy Fraternity. One reason being the completion of a second circumambulation of the Eternal Enneagram (decagradus) necessitating a Spiritual Rebirth of the Esoteric Parent upon the earthly plane (the first occurred in 143 BCE). Note: Each circumambulation of the Eternal Enneagram being approximately equal in years needed for the precession of the equinoxes from one zodiac sign to another.

The second reason being the sad fracture in our Egregore occurring between 1987-1990, after the appointment and dismissal of Gary Stewart as Imperator. While, the appointment of Stewart as Imperator appears truly erroneous on the earthly plane, it transpired as it was necessary so to ‘cleanse’ the Egregore for a Spiritual Rebirth. Often, the impetus for the action of the Higher Laws is not understood until much later.

For the Invisible Order had seen that our Holy Fraternity must be Reborn and Transformed into a New and more powerful Esoteric School. Like the mythical Phoenix of old, our Holy Fraternity would arise from the Flames and Ashes of a Great Pyre in a great Spiritual Rebirth at the end of that active cycle.

Understand that simply allowing our Holy Fraternity to continue its past activities into the inactive period is not the same as a Spiritual Rebirth. For the rebirth of our Phoenix can only occur by the creation of an insatiable desire to recommit ourselves and our Holy Fraternity to the Salvation of sleeping Humanity.

Each must make a conscious choice to renew himself or herself by adding his or her individual flame to the Sacred Flame of the Invisible Order. For the Great Destiny of our Order can only be fulfilled by the conjoint Desire and Intention of the membership–it cannot be mandated by the earthy officers.

Apathy is spiritual death.

In 1993, the Invisible Order provided a mystical opportunity to accomplish the first step in Rebirthing our Holy Fraternity. Such first step being accomplished. The final step and mystical opportunity is being prepared as I write this discourse.

In the end, it is up to each of you to decide the future of our Holy Fraternity. I have done what I was instructed to do, the remainder is up to each of you.

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