The Wisdom of Solomon: Be Not Deluded and Proud as to What You Lack

A Teaching from the First School:

The depth of understanding present in an esoteric student is dependent upon two factors only.  The first concerns the quantity/quality of knowledge purposely gathered, studied and transformed into Good Works.

The second concerns the spiritual state of a student’s Being, or innermost heart (how connected one is to True Conscience).

Of the two, the deepening and richness of Being is the most important, as shown by the equation.


The truth of the above equation is easily appreciated by simple observation of yourself and others.  Many students possess reasonable amounts of esoteric truths, and can parrot them when asked.  The number of students who understand esoteric truth sufficiently well to apply usefully for conscious evolution is negligible as only they have observed themselves so to overcome being robotic as before they joined a school.

No progress is possible until a man or woman begins to work upon the emotional center so to minimize selfishness and emphasize altruism.  This is the only way to open your connection to the Noble Organ of the Upper World.

Do not mistake my words, Tyros, for I am speaking of you and myself.  Remember, only an awakened person admits his or her faults, admits the illusions controlling his or her life, wants eternal life rather than standard death.

In truth, it is better to be a ‘stupid saint’ than a ‘knowledgeable fool,’ but, I recommend choosing to become a true individual and brother to all mankind, helping those who want help and leaving the rest to death.

All true esoteric schools must be harsh so to oppose the status quo and illusion.

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