Teleomedicine (1999) Part 6

The True Nature of Man and Woman

Since this is simply a first introduction to the field of teleomedicine, I am going briefly describe the human life cycle and how it will be of interest to the medical practitioner of the future.

The teleomedical practitioner realizes that every human being if formed by the coalescence of several distinct elements flowing from different, independent energy bodies. Until these elements come together in the proper amounts and at the proper time, a particular human being does not exist in the material world.

The ancients teach that these forces first come together at the conception of the child, change in quality around the time of the quickening and finalize with the first breath after exiting the womb. At that time, we can identify a particular human being with its own bodily, psychic and spiritual potentialities. At some other instant the conjunction of these elements dissolves and the human being ceases to exist. Between birth and death is comprised all the time-like experience of that particular human being and in teleomedicine this period is referred to as the Total Present Moment. You will note that we specified time-like experience, because in our model, existence is not confined to processes solely within time-space, but includes eternal or timeless consciousness and acts of will. The Present Moment when divided into parts appears as a succession of events “in clock time”, but when seen as a totality it is a structure in which and every part coexists. The significance of a particular person is missed until he or she is seen both as an entity experiencing single, sequential, time like events actualizing within the material world and an entity with an infinity of potential possibilities of development already existing within the world of spirits. In the language of quantum mechanics, each human being has his or her own “wave-function” representing the totality of possible transformation allowed by circumstances of birth and environment. This wave function and its infinite possible futures is not visible within the material world, but resides in the world of spirits. What is visible in the material world is the actualized events manifesting with each time like collapse of the wave function.

The life cycle of each man is of interest to the teleomedical physician since it raises and seeks an answer to the question of the purpose of life and of man’s success or failure in attaining his proper, Divine place in such. The teleomedical practitioner proscribes a rational and well-rounded health care plan for the physical body, not for the sake of its sole benefit, but so that it can be a fit instrument for accruing a soul and eventually attaining a Personal Individuality.

The human life cycle can be best appreciated by considering the act of conception. At conception man is almost wholly potential. This is obviously true for his existential nature–body, personality and character–which have yet to be actualized. The actualization will come about in time and space subject to the laws of the material world. The essential nature of man–conscious-living energies, personal individuality and destiny–is also in potentia at the moment of conception and has to be realized. The laws of realization are different from those of actualization and operate primarily within the nonmaterial worlds. Recognizing how these separate factors and laws interact and influence each other and how best to present a growth-enhancing set of environments and experiences for each individual so to optimize the actualization and realization is the goal of the future teleomedical practitioner.

Now the primary role of the parents is to transmit a patten of hereditary influences carried by the genes. This is the germ of the functional mechanism that will gradually develop by growth and differentiation to produce a successful human body. A secondary role of the parents is too insure that the sexual union takes place in states of serenity and mutual caring so that the psychic energies being attracted into the conceptus are benign.

It is also important that the parents attempt to maintain a congenial relationship during the gestation period and insure that the mother-to-be is not subjected to an overly stressful environment and the possible development of anxiety or depression. Her nutrition must be optimized, she must drink clean water and breathe fresh air and exercise properly. She must be mentally prepared for the future birth and purposely visualize the proper psychic and spiritual energies coming into her baby. A proper understanding of the supreme importance of an adequate and conducive perinatal environment for the pregnant mother and father was present in the ancient world and is still recognized and practiced today in many primitive societies. These concepts will need to be reintroduced into the western world by the teleomedical practitioner, if humanity hopes to retain any small chance of improvement.

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