Psychoism and the Astral (26-2)

II. Explaining the Continuity of the Higher Being Body

Just as with the feeling of continuity for the physical “me-ness” there is a correspondent feeling of continuity for the aphysical “i-ness.” However, not everyone possesses a very distinct feeling of possessing something more celestial, an “I-ness” for such feeling of continuity requires that the incarnating person has already created the first inklings of his or her HBB on the higher empyreal planes.

It takes many, many incarnations before a person has stabilized and grown his or her HBB so that the empyreal mental faculties can see it. Many years ago, I wrote and recorded an exercise which will orientate a practitioner towards the proper mental state so to discover how to recognize and understand the nature of the HBB, the true I, or the nature of “I-ness.”

I have always felt that it is preferable for a practitioners to practice the exercise for as long as it requires to find the answer waiting for the careful observer. But, unfortunately, I find most persons lack the dedication so to discover the answer all by themselves. So, I tell them and hope that later they will discover that such answer is the best we possess at this moment of our cognitive evolution.

Moreover, the answer resolves the ongoing dispute in Buddhism as to “what moves from life to life?” If any of you are interested, I would recommend some research in the area of “self” over the past 2500 years of Buddhist thought. The divergence of opinion is truly amazing!

The first realization arising from the exercise is that one really does not possess any permanent self. For with each life, a new psychophysical entity comes into existence with its unique temperament and character (look up these terms in a Handbook of Adult Psychiatry). Moreover, the new body possesses a new Kesdjan body corresponding to the new physical.

The second realization arising from the exercise is that each and every life experience is connected by a single aphysical line, rather like drawing a line to connect a line of dots on a page of paper.

The fourth realization arising form the exercise is that this line has one and only one feeling attached to it, and that feeling is that “true I” always feels the same, it feels like what it is, “I-ness.” The true I is this line, nothing more.

It is what I name as “Presence” one of the ultimate qualia working in the universe, i.e., the verbs Knowing, Observing, Presence, Transcendance, Intending, and Caring (KOPTIC).

The fourth realization arising from the exercise is that this line connecting each and every life, had a beginning but does not seem to have an end. With this realization comes the feeling that Immortality has been achieved.

The fifth realization arising form the exercise is that both the physical and psychic selves are both clothing adorning true I for the time being.

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