Psychoismand the Astral (26-1)

The Three Faces of I (1 of 3 parts)

To fully appreciate the metaphysics I am about to share, you will need to return to my poem of November 1, 2014, which was posted a few months back. To the best of my personal knowledge, I have never come across an earlier metaphysics similar to the one I am sharing.

Yes, Virginia, the ancients did not discover all that is to be discovered.

If you truly understand the content of this poem, you will understand fully the prose which follows..


Liberation requires the death of self,
and such death, must, in lovingkindness, be done.
Death of self is not by knife nor arrow,
nor poison, suicide, nor accident,
death of self is in mind alone.

Kill this self with realization crystal-clear,
kill this self with meditation most deep,
seek and find when all this began.

For immortality is the petit liberation,
I had a beginning, but now no end.
Immortality is only forever, post-beginning,
so why keep the beginning?

The grand liberation is without beginning nor end,
and such is found by awakening within the Unborn.
Perhaps, the most fundamental principle upon which Hermetic Philosophy is founded is the Principle of Reciprocal Correspondence between the Hierarchal Worlds. This Principle is stated in the ancient Hermetic Texts as, “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and That which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of one thing.” Today, modern Hermetic practitioners write, “As Above, as Below, as Below, as Above.”

When applying the Principle of Reciprocal Correspondence between the Hierarchal Worlds, it is critical to understand that “a correspondence” is not the same as “a copy.” The word “correspondence” implies that two separate objects are similar in form, nature, or character, are analogous, in agreement, and conform. That is, the two objects share qualia serving a similar purpose unique to its world or plane. Thus, whatever happens on one level of reality (physical, empyreal, and Celestial) shares a resonant action on the other two levels.

For example, the Principle of Reciprocal Correspondence between the Hierarchal Worlds recognizes that the body and mind of an individual comprises a small world, in and of itself, called the microcosm. The construction and functioning of the microcosm is analogous to that of the Universe, called the macrocosm. The laws of the macrocosm are as the laws of the microcosm and vice versa; within each lies the other, and through understanding himself or herself one can come to understand the macrocosm.

In this article, I will provide sound evidence demonstrating how the Principle of Reciprocal Correspondence between the Hierarchal Worlds connects: [1] our mortal feeling of the continuity of our body and ego cluster existing over time (our temporally linked autobiographical memories), [2] a potential state of a feeling of the continuity of our identity (without attributes other than being present) from one mortal life to another (these are my lifetimes), and [3] the ultimate, divine feeling of continuity of identity linking an endless chain of manifesting psychophysical universe together (without beginning and without end).

The first or lowest quality of presence of a nonphysical self being present in our physical body (which does not change over our lifetime), we shall denote by the lower case words “i” or “i-ness.” Generally, the body correlates with the physical self.

The intermediate quality of presence reported by individuals possessing a working Higher Being Body (HBB) and knowingly reincarnating, we shall denote by the letter “I” or the word  “I-ness.”

The celestial or universal quality of presence which we imagine the essential God to possess, as it has experienced innumerable prior universes, we shall denote by the word “meta-I” or by the word “meta-I-ness.”

Please understand that the terms chosen to express the quality of presence are not intended to represent any attribute or descriptor of any imaginable entity(s). For quality of presence is a very subtle feeling that an invisible line connects particular experiences in sequential time. Nothing else.

To my personal knowledge and belief, what we are about to share with you has not seem the light of human cognition until now. It is a part of what we call by a number of names, e.g., Neo-Hermeticism, Neo-Kabbalah, Trans-Existentialism, Scientific Gnosticism, or Broad Thought. These names are only significant as “fingers pointing towards a New Gnosis.”

For the New Gnosis has lain hidden from mankind, awaiting that memorial day when the Bridegroom, Sophisticated Scientific Cognition, and the Bride, Free Spirituality, were to Marry and produce the New Child, the Rescuer, to mankind.

So let us begin on this journey towards the greater light.

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