Astral Traveling Made Ridiculously Simple (24)

Method Three: Lucid Dreaming

The third common method is allowing oneself to fall asleep and reawaken during NREM, or dreaming sleep.  This method required the establishment of a dream signal so to remind you to enter into “awakened sleep.”

In my opinion, this method is inferior to the first two as you awaking into a dream chosen by your personal unconsciousness, rather than consciously creating the dreamspace you would like to explore.

To be successful, one may learn lucid dream techniques, such as those taught by Stephen LaBerge at the Lucidity Institute or another reputable organization.

This ends this series on Psychoism, Occultism, and the Astral Worlds.  I do not know whether or not we shall return in the future.

Have fun exploring and do your best to learn something useful.

In the next few days, we begin a series dealing with the dietary food choices of humanity over the past half a million years, plus or minus.  Our goal being to come to a working understanding of those factors constituting a healthy diet so to minimize dietary -related medical conditions and enhance longevity.

CHOW (get it?)  Michael

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