Astral Traveling Made Ridiculously Simple (23)

Method Two: Self-Hypnosis

The second method, I recommend is using non-facilitated hypnosis, or self-hypnosis. The advantage being that you can engage your nocturnal imago operators consciously, so to remain in a state similar to “awakened sleep,” as you travel about the astral worlds. Self hypnosis is superior to attempting to stay alert during the borderline, or hypnagogic, state between diurnal and nocturnal consciousness.

Non-facilitated hypnosis, or self-hypnosis, is an easily learned mental skill based upon our innate ability to relax the physical body by calming and slowing down the rate of breathing (though often this is not mentioned). Forsooth, the psychoistic states associated with hypnosis are no different than those sought in many meditation techniques, such as Vippassana, or insight meditation. The primary goals of the two techniques are at odds with each other. For instance, the goal of self-hypnosis being to actively utilize such images for healing or spiritual work. In many forms of oriental meditation the goal is to keep the mind free of images so to experience samadhi, or a state of “empty mind.”

Personally, I have never found much spiritual benefit from entering into samadhi, other than a peaceful disposition. Curiously, I experienced similar improvements in my disposition after a few days of driving Formula Fords at Skip Barber Racing.

Presuming you have properly learned self-hypnosis, I recommend the following steps (well verified in my psychiatric practice):

First, it is protective to decide upon a safe place to imagine placing your body. I recommend that my trainees imagine that there is an impenetrable fortress somewhere in the universe where each can visualize his or her physical and empyreal bodies.

For instance, I vividly imagined that I possessed an impenetrable room situated deep inside a magical mountain, guarded by armed dwarfs. A long labyrinth-like path lead to a cavern entrance, eternally guarded by two female dragons who never sleep. The door to the room could only be opened by my mind saying a secret word.

After I entered the room, I would sit in my chair and imagine placing bronze colored armor around my physical body so to protect it from untoward interference. Then I surrounded my armour with silver light so bright that any creature seeing it would be unable to see.

After placing the armor and the silver light around my physical body, I would mentally separate my empyreal self from the physical self and cloth such empyreal self in golden armor, such armor being as hard as diamonds. After, donning your armor turn around and look upon your body peacefully resting in the chair. It is much easier than you might be thinking.

Next, I allow my empyreal self to rise through the ceiling of my hidden chamber and from out of the mountain so that I was high above the earth and looking at all the lights. This is where I would meet and join with any other travelers (such joining is a tale for another day as it is most amazing).

Alone, or with other travelers, I would allow my awareness to travel to a place suitable for my needs and desires (which should be decided beforehand).

When, my journey was completed, I would return to the earth, enter into the mountain, and into my room so to merge back into my physical body. After the merger, I remove the golden armor, the silver light, and the bronze armor. Such return being done in this order so to prevent any invisible lower astral world entities from sneaking into your psyche.

It is most important to keep a journal so to document the details of your adventures and any useful information you obtained.

NOTE: In truth, the above steps are not really needed once a person can maintain his or her awakened sleep. The reason, I include such are to provide little reminders of being awake. I can honestly say that I was only attacked once when I was in fifth or sixth grade and was on the verge of psychic death. Having no other avenue of escape, I simply awoke into awakened sleep and all such astral creatures became as nothing to me. After this episode, nothing harmful will even come anywhere within my field of psychic perception.

Still, the romance of being a “knight for God” is rather fun and so reminds me to be kinder and more forgiving.

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