Songs of the Gallant Heart (3)

We continue in the troubadour tradition telling of the Way of the Gallant Heart:


To be as one with my Poet,
as it once was so long ago,
or to remain separate,
as two, foolish ones…
Is the question?

This is the question I ponder,
for we have just only met.

Life without my Poet is not really life,
for I gave happily and completely
my body and soul to my Poet
1500 years ago.
And to me he gave his all,
even Valhalla he sacrificed
so to be with me.

I cannot be without my true love?

So I must act
and take my Poet-Warrior for myself.
I want not to hurt even one curly hair
on his celestially-radiant head.
Oh, my Poet, I do not want to
disappoint you ever again,
to bring pain into your heart
for you are as much me
as I am you.

So fly off fear and doubt,
fly off with your lies and untruths,
I will listen no more,
for I will take my Poet
into my arms and into my bed
when he returns to me,
as I did in our Viking days of old.

I will bear him children
and tend to his needs,
earthly and heavenly, they be,
for without my Poet,
I remain, a Poetess incomplete,
alone upon this earth–
I will tell my dear love
that his Frejya remembers
and will fear nor question no more.

Come to me,
darling of my heart eternal,
please me as you did so well,
warming me through and through
as on cold, winter nights past.
Give me children with curly hair
and blue-green eyes to fill my
heart and bring you delight.

Of sweet Poet of mine,
I yearn for your love,
your touch upon my silken skin,
your playfulness and humor
in times of pain and unpleasantness,
your hungry lips upon my lips,
to have you inside of me once more,
each thrust… hard or gentle,
each movement of your hips
in unison with mine,
whispering to me “Poetess, I am yours alone.”

Because of my love for you,
True Heart, I will be brave.
For I know if not now,
one day you will come for me again,
and we will remain as one forever more.

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