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Gabriel continued, “Yes sir, the universe was free of war for a very long time. True, social insects will fight to protect their mounds, raid other mounds for eggs which will hatch within their mound as workers, ‘domesticate aphids,’ and so on, but this is not war for all these activities are evolutionary adaptations and exaptations controlled by sensory data and without conscious intent or direction. Social insects are excellent examples of highly programmed biological machines (mainly hardwired into their nervous systems). But, such activities are the evolutionary, biological basis for aggression of one biological group against another. It is really quite amazing how Nature reuses successful behaviors in so many novel ways.”

The ‘key ingredients for making war’ are conscious awareness of the distinction between the author of an action and the recipient of such action, a rudimentary episodic memory, a rudimentary theory of mind, and an imagined, immaterial self owning the human machine. Psychoistically, a creature fit for war must possess a unified group identity and distrust other groups, as I discussed before. The only ‘warmongers’ residing in this sector of the universe are sociopathic human beings, their bureaucrats, and susceptible members of the ingroup. Perhaps, the universe could move ahead satisfactorily with only one war-group, but, there are many others for it is a problem common to all evolving civilizations throughout Creation, as you already have learned from your Rav.

Morgana, asked, “Baal, given your analysis of humans and their contributions to the Great Mind–which I presume includes unconscious contributions from every species possessing simple imago operators–how does one differentiate, between a local war organized stemming from a lack of females, hunting territory, or cultivation space versus a Great War instigated by sociopaths in sympathy with the Satanic Egos so well established in the Great Mind? Small local wars have come and gone for a few million years. Great Wars of conquest seems a recent trend in human history, suggestive of fixing a date for the emergence of Satanic and Angelic Egos, say around 4000 years ago.”

Gabriel, smiling said, “Morgana, if human aggressions had remained local, resource-related skirmishes, it is unlikely that the Great Evil would have arisen in the contribution of humanity to the Great Mind. But, man is not alone in the universe–and if man had not added his own form of Satanic and Angelic Egos to the Great Mind–another race somewhere else in the universe would have. Every universe goes through a period of eventual war between Good versus Evil.”

The Final Battle of Good versus Evil cannot be always be averted. The fight continues until one side triumphs by either crushing or converting the other. The Final Battle is an Aryan concept and is well preserved in many of its geographical branches. Ragnarok of the Norsemen is a great example–where Loki and the Frost Giants, or Evil, wins. Revelation is another example, though modified such that Christ is triumphant and Good prevails. The battle between Zurvan’s twins, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman is fought over a 12, 000 year cycle and all human souls must choice a side to fight upon. Ahriman fights even though he knows that he will lose in the end. Moderns say that this Battle will be so at the ‘end of time.’

Most everyone fights on the side they believe is Good, but, most battles, even world battles, are fought between two powerful Satanic Egos. The eternal weakness of Evil is that it cannot long remain unified within, alliances begin decaying quickly and lead to infighting. Satanic Egos are not easy to terminate as they find many hosts and affiliates on your Earth. Though, I no longer have much interest in my home world, I will tell you that during the past 2000 years or so, most of the pain and misery are caused by three and maybe four warring Satanic Egos and their family lineages. Surprised? Your virtual ego occupies your body, and a Satanic Ego can also occupy a body. What you are entertained by in novels, tales, and movies are not all rubbish!

The adherents of historic, people’s religions intuit such a war, but error, imaging that their gods are the ones at war–such belief going back far into the pre-Vedic times. Moreover, each religion believes it’s personal god or goddess shall see victory in the end of times, i.e., Good always triumphs, right? If your side loses, it was because you were betrayed, angered your god, or somehow messed up. So both sides remain convinced that they are Good and the other is Evil, when, in truth, Evil comes in many guises.

The only significant battles between Good and Evil occur when one Satan, or group of allied Satans,  grows sufficiently in power to subjugate large populations and attack the enlightened beings and Angelic Hosts, incarnate or not. Your WWII was one such war, in which Satan controlled most of the armies and the Angelic had a strong influence over the final victor–though, even in the victor, a Satan was working for his own benefit.

Remember, Cosmically Significant Beings rarely intervene in planetary conflicts between Satans. Direct intervention is only required when Evil is well unified and the alliance endangers conscious evolution of a race and the reconstitution of the Original Godhead.

If a Great and Final Battle is allowed to occur, the Original Godhead may be lost and only a few Cosmic Beings will be able to seed the next universe. Evil disintegrates at the end. And imagine that such occur in a transfinite number of other physical universes without ending. It has always been so.

So, now you are privy to another secret. The overriding, grand purpose of creation is to restore the Original Godhead and add to its Essence and Beingness by aiding conscious creatures who desire to become Cosmically Significant Beings to do so. The life of your universe is real explanation behind the concepts of Christ’s Crucifixion, Visit to Hell, and Resurrection. Another secret.”

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