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Gabriel, thought for a moment and answered, “I imagine one can say so. But, you must remember that the angels, demons, or djinn are birthed by human mind-brains and not by an immanent or transcendent Creator God. The actual age of such agents is an interesting question, as we have not discussed the possibility of ‘human-like’ mind-brains existing in other portions of our physical universe or in other physical universes having a humanoid-like conjoint mind which can interact with our own. Sorry, I can answer the first premise with a yes, but the second premise is only a hypothesis as far as my researches go.”

The students were flabbergasted. They did not know what to say.

Elaine asked, “Gabriel, what you are teaching us has a feeling, a taste, a flavor of correctness about it. I think this must be input from my Higher Sentience, the mega-organ, Rav continuously reminds us to be open toward. Rav says this is where true Conscience resides. It is the mega-organ which will guide us truly no matter what happens in our lives, no matter how uncertain things appear to be, how confusing, how dangerous. For Higher Sentience is in resonance with all that is altruistic in the Great Mind. I guess, based upon what you have just taught, that Higher Sentience resonates with all that is benevolent in our universe–our God in the making. Right?”

Gabriel looked over to Rav and smiled. “I see you have not been slack since last we spoke. Your students are stellar! You chose very well, Morgana, when your heart and mind chose Tristan. He is becoming more and more elfin as the years go by.”

Rav, who did his best not to feed his ergoegotic center with self-aggrandizing compliments, turned beet red. Morgana, spoke, “Gabriel, our Tristan, and by ‘our,’ I refer to everyone in Camelot, loves and respects him so very much. The townsfolk have a saying they tell children as they are learning how to become responsible adults. It goes like this, ‘Whenever you are angry, afraid, confused, or mistreated–stop and ask yourself, what would our Tristan do. And he will answer, if you listen, because he loves all of you more than he loves himself.’”

As Elaine had mentioned Higher Sentience, the words spoken by Morgana touched the innermost heart of those present–even Gabriel and Merlin. And the touching of one’s innermost heart tastes bittersweet, speaking to you with real tears. For the students realized for the very first time, the truth underlying the teachings that Gabriel and Tristan had so carefully, and sometimes so paradoxically, exposed them. A human lifetime was full of ‘moments of purpose.’ And today, a new purpose became apparent. A purpose dealing with the birth of a new mind, a new archetype, a new angel in the Great Mind. An angel shared forever more. This complex universe was beginning to make some sense after all.

Morgana jumped. “Tristan, little Eleanor just kicked me! She knows what is true and just kicked me so I would tell you, Children, that from this day forward ‘you are all one and many.’ You have taken the first sure step to make a personal soul. Right, Tristan.”

“Yes, honey. What you said is true. I think every day you are leaving the dream world and becoming my elf princess.” Morgana said nothing, but smiled so sweetly that everyone was reminded of Medieval paintings of the Madonna. Was there no end to miracles in the dream world?

“I must say that this has been a nice distraction, but back to our lessons.” Interjected Gabriel. “Since humanoid-like creatures are the birth parents for psychoistic agents in the Great Mind, they are responsible, unknowingly, for creation of the battlefield we fight upon–psychoistically and physically. When I say that such agents are independent, I mean in the same way dream world creatures are independent. Both are created by physical brains. However, dream world creatures can become independent when they are in frequent conscious contact with conscious dream egos–as is the case with Morgana and Merlin. Regardless of whether or not Camelot is lost, Morgana and Merlin will continue. So the nidus of selfishness and hoarding resonating in many brains eventually assumes the quality of an independent personality composed of parts of the personas of those minds which it inhabits. And when this happens, as it has happened long ago, Satan becomes a reality in the Great Mind, though, not an actuality as are all of you. It is rather complex and takes a long time to fully integrate.”

Vlad asked, “I am delighted to hear that the battle ground and the characters warring over altruism and selfishness are human creations. Who wins is up to us, alone. It is cleaner than having to figure why God and Satan, or Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, must fight.”

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