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Today, we deviate from our prior path (will return tomorrow) to discuss two dangerous and false beliefs common to all new tyros, or candidates, for admission into an earthly, functioning esoteric school. The name I use so to identity genuine, earthly schools connected with an esoteric source is ‘mesoteric.’ Mesoteric schools exist and function as interfaces connecting the phenomena with the noumea. Uncommonly appreciated by many teachers and students, is that the quality and substance of the teachings will differ between mesoteric schools, as is the case in any educational system, e.g., primary, secondary, university, graduate, and postgraduate. So choose wisely, tyro.

The first dangerous misconception, natural for a new tyro, is thinking that a person who has become a stream-enterer and possessor of a soul is a saint and is all knowledgeable. Subsequently, the tyro sincerely believes that his or her teacher is more than a human being and is unable to commit any human transgressions. Inappropriate behavior by the teacher (the most common transgression being misuse of the sexual energies) is excused–surely the Master must to doing this for am appropriate reason of benefit to the student. Yes, the Master knows what he or she is doing and such behavior has nothing to do with the Work or the esoteric source.

Eventually, within real mesoteric schools, when the Master uses his or her authority so to please the animal side of man, his or her school falters and dies as it should. Leading to the wise rule–if the behavior of the principals appears inappropriate and deviant, it is time to leave such school!

The second dangerous misconception is thinking that the teacher no longer possesses the capacity to be at odds with his or her environment, that is, suffer psychological conflicts. That the teacher may feel frustrated, be ill, be angry, or be depressed. That sometimes, even a brand new student can grow simply by sitting next to his teacher, sincerely thankful that the teacher truly cares for him always. For such kindness affects the teacher also. Does it matter whether or not the teacher was sad or acting?  Not in the least. What matters is the simple act of kindness.

Many new students idolize their teachers believing them to be superhuman, rather, than just reasonable and wise. Such idolization placing an unnecessary burden upon the teacher and requiring the teacher to destroy such idolization.

A real teacher will continually remind you of his or her humanness. That he or she is not a deva nor a saint. That he or she makes errors which need to be rectified later. But, in spite of all of the reasonable shortcomings of the teacher, the tyro learns that his or her teacher remains human, but, somehow is so much more. Teachers teach best by playing certain roles demonstrating the best of mankind rather than the worst.

So love your teacher, for he or she needs it as much as you do. Blessings, one and all.

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