Real Knowledge and Esoteric Schools (2) ©

Second the cultural evolution of mankind has been drastically advancing since the height of the Renaissance and the birth of scientific method during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The opportunity for sustained wealth and health began with the first advancements of the Industrialization of Europe and America beginning with the invention of the steam engine by Thomas Newscomen and its improvement by James Watts in 1769. By the mid 19th century, progress had advanced sufficiently to encourage universal education and social services. Advancements in large-scale hygiene, vaccination and chemotherapy for many infectious diseases such as childbirth fever, smallpox, diphtheria, plague and tuberculosis reduced infant and early adult mortality and insured that a larger portion of the useful population survived and prospered into maturity and old age. Further improvements in agriculture and food distribution allowed for additional increases in world population–even in the presence of ubiquitous epidemics and natural disasters.

Today, a large proportion of persons living in the developed countries have sufficient education, material resources and free time, above and beyond that necessary for accomplishing the affairs of daily and mundane life, for pondering questions about the laws underlying the activities of nature, society and individuals. Initially, the questions asked are about inequities in the distribution of wealth, health and power between persons; why selfishness so often prevails over altruism; why life appears unjust and so on. Later, questions advance and some individuals begin asking about life’s purpose and mankind’s purpose; is our existence just part of a larger and more grand plan; will justice be served after mortal life; is there a heaven? Finally, some individuals begin to experience a longing, burning or yearning within their hearts for gaining objective knowledge about the totality of existence and themselves. The knowledge of the mundane world, the daily diet of pablum and pasturized milk, has become insufficient for satisfying the hearty appetite necessary for conscious evolution–meat, fresh fruit and vegetables must be had.

The world’s population is above 7.4 billion persons. Consequently, today we are seeing that an increasing number of potential students have evolved sufficiently so to have a magnetic center or point within the Heart (not to be taken literally). These seekers are experiencing the perennial calling and are actively seeking to find schools which are in contact with the knowledge of the One Great Esoteric School–the School which feeds all the worthy branches manifesting as exoteric schools of the Secret and Hidden Doctrine of the Ages. The currently existing circumstances within the world are opportune and ripe for an increased and renewed interest by the Adepti of Eternity for presenting the Doctrine or the Dharma or the Kabbalah or the Whatever in assuring that proper knowledge is reintroduced and propagated in a modern format within the several genuine, exoteric bodies presenting the True Teachings of the Brotherhood of Compassion.

The Work of Conscious Evolution is not limited solely to the preservation and presentation of sacred knowledge amongst the countries of the unifying world, but is actively involved in uncovering and halting the efforts of the Unworthy Ones in their continual attempts to either misrepresent and appropriate the Unfolding Teachings of Eternity for personal aggrandizement and monetary profit or substitute false teachings and drivel appealing to the greediness of the masses and thwarting the search efforts of those students worthy of entering into the Path of Conscious Evolution and Permanence.

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