The Changing Face of Spirituality (Part 3.8)

Before commencing today’s blog, I need to interject a methodological comment. While, the general intellectual contents of the blogs follow a linear sequence, in actuality, a portion of the information presented is nonlinear and multilayered. Sufficient linearity is provided so the seeker ‘will not stray from the path,’ but, the fullness of spiritual study is hierarchical. This means that I need to plant seeds in your unconscious mind-brains, ‘still views’ of the richer awareness, which someday will merge into full realization. If I gave such ‘still views’ so to show the movie, your prior beliefs would reject them. This method is always followed in true esoteric schools.

Outside the demographics of Asia and India, sequential surveys suggest that a majority of persons ‘believing in one God’; hold that God is a Being who has a personal interest in their welfare.’ Morever, [1] God is the ever-present, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, [two] God has a specific Plan or Objective for Mankind to pursue, [three] God has given men and women an aphysical Soul, [four] God expects people to follow certain Rules, [five] each person is capable of having a personal relationship with God, and [six] there is an afterlife.

This is the general world view of the Judeo-Christian-Moslem adherents. Conversely, we have [1] the theology of the Vedic schools which are primarily concerned with attaining knowledge of Atman or Brahman so to be liberated from life (nuances noted) and [2] the atheology of the staunch materialists.

Fortunately, most of the idiosyncratic nuances of the known theological philosophies, being no more than imaginary figments, ‘fall to the wayside’ after diligent study of the clay tablets in our metaphorical Library of Babel. The more pressing issues remaining for study are: [1] does a God exist, [2] if so, can God be experienced personally, [3] what is meant by an impersonal God, [4] rather than a God is there a Foundation Principle, FP, underlying the physical, and [5] is God or the FP finite or infinite?

The first order of business in any modern esoteric-based school (only required if you are not a materialist or atheistic) is to provide the beginning seeker with sufficient information (and exercises) necessary for arriving at an understanding of the nature of the physical and his and her psychological realities. Most seekers, requesting entrance into a School, arrive full of misunderstanding as to ones psychological reality. Moreover, most are severely limited because of psychological conditioning by theological dogma (orthodoxy) and actions which have adversely conditioned us.

The second order of business being to provide knowledge and exercises useful for opening the seeker’s ergoegotic center to true Conscience. True Conscience is another name for the inner, higher feeling arising after proper connection with the 5Q+1, particularly, Intending, Caring, and Knowing.

The opening of your heart of hearts, so to create a home for true Conscience, is the most important work given to a seeker within an esoteric school. Clearly, higher knowledge of the physical and aphysical worlds is required, but, intellectual knowledge, by itself, is sterile and will not provide immortality, i.e., ‘Make a Soul.’ Moreover, the accumulation of higher knowledge and understanding is limited by the neurological complexity of the brain.

Souls are made by allowing true Conscience into your heart of hearts so that it can finalize development of the ergoegotic enter so that you make a permanent channel between your psyche and the 5Q+1, the Divine, the FP, the Absolute Infinitude, or God. Herein, it is taught that the most valuable entity in the finite universe, the gift of God, must be consciously sought and paid for by great effort. Moreover, souls are too valuable to waste. The claim that all humans have souls is simply one of egoism and attempting to differentiate humans from higher primates. Herein, we teach that the differentiation level is solely within humanity, conveniently, explaining the lives of Stalin, Hitler, and more unsavory inhumane personalities.

[NB: This particular concept of having to personally ‘make a soul’ is found in earlier esoteric schools, for instance, within the ancient teachings of the Hebrews and the Sarmoung Brotherhood. It differs from other schools teaching that each human being inherits a soul personality at birth, e.g., the Vedic, the Christian, the Zoroastrian, and the Rosicrucian.]

The wisdom of the above radical statement can be seen in the eyes and actions of many men and women possessing great intelligence in worldly matters. Similarly, the trained conscious observer notes a mechanical emptiness in the eyes and actions of many persons with great material wealth, public admiration, and political power. A similar mechanical emptiness can be appreciated within the eyes of reptiles and the recent dead.

This finding is the source of the teaching myths of the ‘walking dead.’

Although, some would disagree with the above, claiming that humans beings are alive. Most often, these claims founded upon the ancient belief in vitalism. A belief that robust scientific evidence has refuted. Refutation, being a good thing, if correct, for it simplifies conscious progress.

Modern esoteric schools teach that all biological creatures exist and function in the physical world secondary to the electrochemical nature of molecules. Such animate existence arising because organic molecules possess the inherent capacity to form autopoietic, self-organizing, ‘living’ systems given sufficient evolutionary time.

Tomorrow we continue.

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