The Changing Face of Spirituality (Part 3.7)

Reviewing the ‘data’ portion of this blog series (typical of religions and metaphysics), we find a significant variance as to the ways God is conceived by different cultures. While, such variance may appear to present a problem in solving definitively the ‘God Conundrum,’ in truth, this great divergence of view is a blessing! If you just felt a quiver in your solar plexis, skipped a heart beat or two, or exclaimed ‘WHAT!!! or ‘HOW,’ to this seemingly irrational statement; stop worrying for there is a very simple answer.

However, while the answer may be simple conceptually, arriving at such answer is not an easy journey, as we must traverse cognitively complex terrains and speak new languages. Plus, you will find yourself naysaying much of the time, which will not help in the least. I promise to keep it as simple as I can. If you find one of our crossings difficult, just put your question into a comment and I will answer.

The solution to the problem posed is as follows:

In standard logic theory, we are taught the ‘law of the excluded middle.’ That is, if one of the two statements ‘X’ or ‘not-X’ is true, the remaining statement must be false. Interestingly, human psychology (arose million of year prior to logic theory) operates similarly. Evolutionary pressures operating on our forebears for millions of years instilled, in each one of us, the innate ability to automatically characterize creatures and objects into friend or foe, dangerous or not, pleasant or unpleasant, liked or disliked, correct or wrong, and so on ad infinitum (referring to the apparent infinity of Aristotle).

“Ah”, you sigh, “I understand why theologies bicker with one and another. But, if such ‘black and white’ reasoning is part of our evolutionary past, what can be done?”

Actually, much can be done so not to fall prey to our evolutionary past. For instance, remember the O.T. story of the Tower of Babel (really a ziggurat)? In this teaching tale, mankind came together and tried to build a platform reaching to the Lord. As the Lord saw such as a threat (why I do not know), the Lord decided to stop construction by changing the common language into many different new ones, preventing man from working together.

Personally, I think the O.T. story is a corruption of the true spiritual teaching tale. The real tale goes as follows:

In the beginning, the many tribes of men were unable to understand each other as languages were many. Consequently, men were in perpetual conflict over land and women. So the Lord settled the many tribes together on the plane of Shinar, making sure each group had the land and the women needed. The Lord sent to each group an angel who could converse in their language. Using such intermediaries, the Lord instructed all the adult males and females to work together in unity so to build a great ziggurat to heaven. Moreover, such ziggurat was to contain one window for each adult man and woman. As the tower grew in height, so did the comradery of the builders.

And as the Lord commanded, so it was done.

One day, the tower was high enough. And the Lord commanded the angels to place each man and woman behind his or her window so they could gaze out upon the plain below, a plain stretching far beyond imagination. And then, the Lord commanded the angels to write upon clay tablets the visions that each person described gazing out his or her window. After such task was accomplished, the people left the ziggurat and returned to the plain. The Lord commanded that the clay tablets were to remain within the ziggurat, for in truth it was built to be a grand library.

Then, the Lord commanded the Most High Archangel Gabriel to proclaim, “Children, by nature you speak different languages and have different customs, and so you fight with each other. Your Lord commanded you to build this great library and you did as you were told. If someday, you choose to come together as one grand family and be with your Lord, then, go into the library and read the many clay tablets residing within. For by reading and contemplation, you will see that each person’s view of the plain of Shinar was mainly illusion, but all possess a ray of real truth. If you read and contemplate, your minds will remove what is false and retain what is true; then, you understand the Lord’s plan and wishes. You shall all speak on language, the language of the angels.”[1]


Moreover, the true tale of the Tower of Babel moves us beyond the ‘the law of the excluded middle’ and into a more user friendly logic system consistent with the operational rules of neuronal circuits of the brain. In the neuronal-based system, both linear causality and associative causality are allowed, i.e.,

God is finite,
God is not finite,
God is both finite and not finite,
God is neither finite nor not finite.

Comes X, comes Y,
Goes X, goes Y,
With X is Y,
Without X is without Y.

Tomorrow, we continue on our journey to the Most High.

[1] This capacity of an apparatus to receive and filter incoming electrical signals, so to remove extraneous, random, electrical noise (untruths), leaving only the intended signal (truth) is called signal-noise averaging. Medical scientists will stimulate and measure the electrical output from a region of the brain, repetitively, and then average the signals so to cancel the noise and tell what is happening in that region of the brain.

Studies conducted by the Institute have shown that the human brain is an excellent signal-noise averaging device. Moreover, brains can be trained to accomplish effective signal-noise averaging using cognitive-affective mental content so to sort fact from fiction.

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