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Dr Thomas Legrand’s book, POLITICS OF BEING, is an eye-opening and mentally compelling voyage of how specific changes in our social policies may save our species from self-destruction. This book brilliantly shows how our post-industrial sociopolitical emphasis on “materialism and having” retards the full development of individuals. Thomas proposes that a sounder sociopolitical foundation is to re-engineer society to maximise individuals’ inner and outer growth by instituting a politics of Being rather than one of Having.

This book exhaustively discusses four pillars of change: sustainability as collective awakening, spiritual values underlying the politics of being, a thorough discussion of how to accomplish the transformation of society, and how being will function in practice.

The POLITICS OF BEING is well-researched and supported by published literature. Thomas’ writing flows effortlessly and is comprehensible to secondary school readers. It is a “must-read” for everyone whose heart is large enough to move from egoism and selfishness to altruism and generosity. One caring about our species and our grandchildren’s children.

If we continue practising the politics of having, our species will go extinct. It is time to bring spirituality, personal or impersonal, into our conjoint lives on a global scale. Christ taught the politics of being when he spoke of becoming a child and entering the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Buddha and many other avatars taught the same from my perspective.

Humanity’s history records the dangers of the politics of having, secular or religious. It breeds gender inequality, the hoarding of resources, and oppression of the many by the few. The name changes but not the behaviour or belief systems.

It is time to turn our hearts and minds toward teaching our children the wisdom of the great spiritual masters of the past. To use their hard-earned knowledge to remake our societies. Societies that are based upon altruism, justice, mercy, and generosity.

I beg every caring heart to read and apply the teachings of this book.

Baron Jean-Michel Polyakov, Institute for Conscious Evolution and Human Development, Teaching Tales Publishing, and Innovative Sciences, USA.

Rating 5/5

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