ICEHD Exercise 1

Nearly continuously, sentient creatures feel, think, and act without full conscious intent. The natural state of humanity is to be reactive rather than proactive, unconscious rather than mindful, to contaminate bare awareness with opinions, beliefs, and prejudices. We are not present to the here and now and to the actuality of our surroundings.To be enlightened is to know that one is present in one’s body and is mindful of their situation and the outcome of their actions. It is possible to be mindful and present more of the time than we normally are. If you were never conscious and present, I could not teach you how to improve.

Here is a free and simple exercise to help you.

Open your phone settings and turn on sound and notification sounds. You will find a list of short notification sounds which will alert you to a message, email, or such. I suggest using a knock, as one knocks on a door to alert someone inside so to pay attention. Our goal is to have you pay attention.

Notifications arrive randomly (which is what we want). We you hear a notification knock, stop what you are doing, note where you are physically, what your body and mind are doing, and what feeling is present. Say to yourself that the real I am is present in my body and I am alive and functioning consciously. Should take less than a minute.

Then, open your notification and continue your activities until the next notification arrives.
If you are diligent for many weeks and months, you will see how automatic your life is and how it feels to be present as a potentially active agent.

Make Effort, make yourself real.


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