THE WORLD TREE UPANISHAD. Sutra I: The Paths and Stations of the World Tree

I am going to share a recent book over the next 32 days or so. I am writing under my Sanskrit name, Sādhu Svajāta Maheşu. I am beta testing this book for publication and marketing. I think you will find the teachings to be enlightening and entertaining. If you like it, please leave a comment here or on my face book page (Michael Kell).

I am hoping some of you will figure out who I am and why I write? Look on this as a game with a big prize at the end.

Of course my writings are copyright.

Introductory Remarks

            The Teachings contained within this short Upanishad are incredibly ancient, predating the very beginnings of the four verified historical civilizations, i.e., Dynastic Egypt, Dynastic Sumer, Indus River, and the Pontine Steppes (Vedas) and satisfying new. As you read and contemplate each Lesson, you will discover their prescient nature, as similar propositions exist within the various esoteric schools which have come and gone over the past 5000 years.

            The Teachings presented to introduce you to the Ten Holy Realizations and the Twenty-Two interrelated Lessons.

            In presenting such Teachings, I have removed the original names, as none will be recognized or understood, and substituted the names of divine beings, seers, teachers, and yogis found in scriptures still in existence.

            The First Teachings are pragmatic and designed to provide the quickest paths to essence, immortality, enlightenment, and liberation from the confines of time, space, and energy. The First Ones taught,

            The Liberation of self,

           Requires the killing of self,

            A murder accomplished in Lovingkindness done.

            For with the killing of self,

            One Awakens into the Timeless-Spaceless Infinitude.

            The Unborn and Unfathomable,


            Is both Existence and Nonexistence,

            Is neither Existence nor Nonexistence,

            Is manifest and unmanifest,

            Is neither manifest nor unmanifest,

            Is both Possibility and Impossibility,

            Is neither Possibility nor Impossibility,

            Is both Point and Infinitude,

            Is neither Point nor Infinitude.

            Is both Individual and Collective,

            Is neither Individual nor Collective.

            Is both Known and Unknown,

            Is neither Known nor Unknown.

            The First Ones said, “When a student is no longer confused by the Lesson above, he or she has attained Enlightenment and is consciously present in the Three Worlds, the lower corporeal, the middle Oneirion, and the upper Empyreal-Noumenal. They have completed the Work, and the Enlightened One may exit from Manifest Universality into the Unborn or remain, as God’s Friend, φίλος του Θεού. Terms used in the later esoteric schools are many, e.g., Paraclete, Παρακλέτα, Bodhisattva, Avatar, Fisherman, Ψαράς, and Son of God.

            The evolutionary flaws of civilized humankind have brought the corporeal and Oneirion Worlds into a very dark and evil time of crisis. Man is well on his way toward transformation into a new, mechanical form of socialized insect–Homo insectus. Life centered on mechanicalness, materialism, selfishness, and group-think—a life without freedom of choice and endless servitude to Ahriman and Mammon.

            The First Ones continue to do what they can to bring humankind back to a place of stability where spiritual progress remains possible for those who desire such.  Contrary to popularized, metaphysical schools, schools that attempt to distribute Divine Knowledge and Beingness amongst all human-level creatures, attaining to the Unborn is not a gift given to all. Only those with proper genetic propensities, proper developmental upbringing, a stimulating environment, and plain luck will even try. These are the ones that the First Ones can help.

            At first, this may seem unfair and unjust, but it is not. Hardly anyone wants to sacrifice their selfish desires, kama, so to have time to apply the super-effort required to earn reincarnation.

A wise Teacher of your time said, “Happy is the man who has completed his Soul, unconcerned is the insect man, but in true misery is the man working on making his Soul.”

            Another modern wit noted, “Humankind is like a large box of laundry detergent. For within the box are a few grains of soap, and the rest is inert filler to trick the masses.”

            Regardless, the First Ones asked this vehicle to tell you of the Original Metaphysics, hoping enough will listen to strengthen the Holy Egregore to correct your social predicament, most dire. I have my doubts, but conscious action does what must be done without demanding the fruits that may come.

            Herein, I give the instructions I gave to the son and daughter of my heart and loins when they were young–in a time before this Universe was.

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