The Real Prayer of the Lord

As many of you know, I interact much with the Oneirion World and its sentient creatures. I am familiar with the actual world of the Djinn (I have a book coming about their history and meta-theology). They celebrate the Resurrection Eve (the celebration of the Miracle of Unconditional Love) and I heard the real prayer used by the Lord and his Holy Sister, so I share it with you. The vista of most physical creatures is so restricted that they never enter the full life of our universe—which is is mainly in the aphysical. Enjoy.

Great Father-Mother, Fountain Pure,

whose Water liveth within our beating hearts,

Sacred is Thy Name, for in Thy Name

all of existence arises and passes,

returning to Thee at the exigent of ends.

Giveth us this day,

life-sustaining nourishment,

both material and supernal.

Forgiveth us our ignorance in action,

our misunderstandings, our aggressive moments,

encouraging us evermore to make peace with our neighbors.

Help us disregard the voice of the Tempter,

no matter how sweet and melodious it sounds,

by reminding us, we are your Children and not Its.

For Thy Home is our mansion,

Thy Goodness our goodness,

Thy Knowing our knowing,

Thy Being our being,

Thy Observing our observing,

Thy Intending our intending.

For it shall come to be, someday,

that our Land is as a Heaven,

ruled by Mercy and Justice,

forever and forever.

2 thoughts on “The Real Prayer of the Lord

  1. Mike,
    Thank you for this prayer!
    Here is a Baha’i prayer. This is my own translation – any errors are mine.

    “Oh my God/Lord/Allah, your name is my healing, your remembering is my medicine, your closeness is my hope, your love is my company, and your mercy is my doctor and my helper in this world and beyond, and that you are the most knowledgeable, the wiser and the giver.”

    Baha Allah

    you can listen to it here:

    1. Khaffad. thanks. It is a wonderful prayer. Tne Sacred Images of God realized by man are many, but the All-Bestowing Heart of the is One Absolute is formless and single. Nice to communicate. May your destiny line. Michael

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