Surrealism and the Esoteric

Surrealism and esotericism share a common field of intetest. For example. surrealism is based upon belief in a superior reality of certain forms of association previously neglected, in the supreme power of dreams, and, and the disinterested power of the mind.

The tenets of esoteric schools are very similar for seekers must learn new ways to think and create new associations. Dreams are given significance. The New Testament uses the Greek word metanoia which properly translated means a psychospiritual transformation. A method of thinking existing between madness and haphazardness. A thinking different than normal cognition as it is suprasensual and essentially wordless. It is seeing of the truth directly and outside of discursive processesing. It is cognition which moves a seeker’s center of psychological presence from the lower intellectual and emotional centers into the higher–a metanoia.

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