The goal of psychoistic Work is to slowly transform one’s cognitive-affective mind so to move from the mechanicalness of animals , the natural state of mankind, onto a state of conscious and purposeful action.

Traditionally, man’s state of unconscious mechanicalness is known as waking sleep or being spirituality dead. Psychotransformation is denoted as being awake and enlightened. This is why Yeshua said, “Let the dead bury their dead.”

Psychotransformation begins with learning how to observe your thoughts, emotions, desires, wishes, biases and so on as you interact with your day. Observation of self must be made externally to oneself so it is impersonal and uncritical. This observational nidus is best found in ones dreams or watching a movie–one watches as a third person separated from the actual events transpiring.

The method is just to watch yourself as the creature responds to daily events. At first, one just observes the process as it proceeds without trying to intervene so to learn how you are completely preprogrammed.

Doing such on a regular basis will prove that you cannot do anything consciously as all you do is mechanical. If all is preprogrammed responses, then who is this “I” you claim is in control? If this “I” is not making decisions nor controlling your responses, then it is only an epi-phenomenon arising from neuronal circuitry. Your “I” does not exist.

Once you discover that your ego is imaginary, you can start looking for what the ancients called “real I?” The goal of every esoteric school.

Ciao, Michael

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