The Warfare Between Science And Feckless Christendom

Friends, I recommend a great book detailing the ignorance and pettiness of the Churches of Christendom towards scientific progress.

The book was originally published in 1896 and republished in 1993 by Prometheus Books. The author Andrew D. White, first President of Cornell University.

The author does a superb job showing how the irrational insistence of the theologians on the absolute literalism of the Old Testament, as the scale of truth, hindered scientific work via prosecution. torture, censorship, and fire. Moreover, the tome shows again and again how science has proved that the Pope is not infallible and so the Catholic proposition of infallibility is nothing but spin.

Personally, the damnable history of the Catholic and reformed churches far exceeds in evilness the genocides of Stalin and Hitler.

Any reasonable person could assume that the Catholic Church is under the thumb of Satan himself, if he exists in the collective awareness of mankind.

My comments are not to be taken as the position of either an atheist nor a theist. Personally, I opine that our species needs a divine archetype for several good reasons.

The book is a must read for all educated folk. It is available on line from any number of purveyors of fine books.